2017 BOM

Welcome to a new year and a new 2017 Block of the Month.  This year's project will be a blue and white star quilt inspired by Scandinavian textiles and tile designs.  It will be available in 14 monthly installments.

Fair Isles Winter
88" x 88"

The 2017 Free block of the month consists of 12 unique 12" blocks and 13 setting (alternate) blocks which form a sashing between the blocks. A new block will be revealed each month.  Fabric requirements for each block will be in the pattern. The large pieced border uses some of the block in other arrangements to frame the center of the quilt.  The blocks will be released one each month for 14 months.  If you miss a block you will be able to purchase it for a modest fee on my website: http://morningglorydesigns.com

Fabric Requirements:  Coming Soon
You will need approximately 8-9 yards of white background fabric.
You will also need at least 2 dark blue, 2 medium blue , and 2 light blue batiks for the blocks, and a beige or tan batik print.  Plan on at least 2 yards of each of these additional fabrics.  
Exact yardage will be coming soon.

Kits: Available NOW
Kits are available for this quilt in blue and white batiks.  You can order kits (which includes all fabric, a finishing kit, and postage) for $29 per month.  

Available NOW!

12" Sashing Block (Make 13)


Free Block 2: Bridget's Wedding (12")


Free Block 1: Chevron Hearts (12") 


Please read the fine print:  Each month I will offer one pieced block for free which you can download. It will be available for free for 30 days here on my blog.  After that it will be available for purchase on my website.  This program will run for 14 months.  Most of the blocks will be released as foundation pieced blocks.  This technique is more precise and accurate than typical rotary cut piecing.  Cutting lists will be included in each pattern for all the patches in the block, sized larger than required, for foundation piecing.

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Bonus Blocks: Additional bonus blocks will be available for free to my newsletter subscribers only.  Others will be able to purchase them on my website.  Bonus blocks can be used as an alternate to the pieced blocks which appear in the quilt design.   Bonus blocks will be mostly applique.

Past Blocks: Requests for past free blocks or bonus blocks will not be honored.  You may purchase any blocks you missed for a modest fee on my website. I have a very busy travel and teaching schedule and it is simply not possible to keep up with such requests and continue to post new free blocks every month.  I really appreciate your cooperation with this.

Kits:  Fabric Kits will again be available for this quilt in beautiful blue-and-white batiks from Peggy at ConnectTheBlocks.com. Kits are available HERE.  Kits include all fabric required to make each block, the sashing blocks, and all the borders.  It includes binding fabric, but does NOT include backing.  Postage has already been figured into the price of each kit.  The kits will be delivered in 14 installments.  The last installment will include the border finishing kit.  You will receive only top quality batik fabriks from the best manufacturers.

Copyright:  This pattern is copyright protected and may not be sold, shared, duplicated or distributed in any manner without the express consent of Morning Glory Designs. If your friends would like a copy of the free pattern they must download their own copy directly from this site.  Any other sharing is a violation of the copyright.

Guilds: Those wishing to use this pattern in their guild or small group will be asked to pay a modest licensing fee.  This fee is based on the size of the group. Small groups (less than 100 members) will be asked to pay a $50 license fee.  Large groups (more than 100 members) will be asked to pay a $100 license fee.  The complete pattern sells for $48.  The license fee is only a little more than the cost of 2 complete patterns.  Yes, it is an amazing bargain for your group or guild.


  1. I love, love, love the first block! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us

  3. This is beautiful thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I posted about it on QuiltBOM!

    1. Thanks for doing that Susan. I really appreciate you sharing it with others!

  5. The quilt is lovely. I really like your new website. Thank you.

  6. Gracias por compartir , el bloque es precioso.

  7. The 8 or 9 yards of white background fabric... will all of that be used on front of quilt? I'm still gathering my fabrics, and that just seems like a lot. (I am VERY NEW to quilting.) Thank you, in advance, for the information.

    1. Yes, that does sound like a lot of fabric. But these are 12" blocks which are paper-pieced and it is surprising how much fabric that takes. There is also a lot of fabric in the borders. You may only need 7 yards, but you will not want to run out when you get to the end of the project so I always add an extra yard. Again, these are estimates only. I am still writing patterns and working out final yardages.


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