Thursday, July 28, 2022

Classes Available at the Fall 2022 International Quilt Festival in Houston this November

Ziggy Diamonds 

 Monday, October 31 from 9am to 5 pm

This is a brand new workshop and a brand new quilt.  It may look similar to designs I have done in the past is is different in several significant ways.
    1.  It is made with precuts:  jelly rolls (2 or more) or fat quarters.
    2.  It is made in component parts (4-patch blocks) that can be mixed and matched or moved anywhere in the quilt.
    3.  It is assembled in super easy diagonal rows.
    4.  It can be adapted to any size from placemat to bed quilt!

Yup, this is a really fun and simple project once you get the "4-patch" system.

Here is what I mean:

Choose colors:   BRIGHT COLORS work best for this project.  Solids, blenders, batiks, even busy prints will work as long as they are bright!  My sample used a blender with directional stripes!
Pick a light and a dark in each color you want to use.  You could choose the same color in different values, or different colors, prints, or blenders which go together, OR contrast!  In the pattern and class I am choosing a light and dark value of the same color family.

Choose fabric:  
  • 6 Diamond Layout:  If you are making a placemat or wall quilt you will need 2 jelly rolls unless the 2-1/2" roll of strips comes with 2 of each color.  
  • You will only need 1 strip of each light, but you will need 2 strips of each dark.
  • If you repeat a color you need additional strips (2 darks and 1 light).
  • Left over dark and light 2-1/2" diamonds are used to make the partial diamonds on the top and bottom edges of the quilt.  This means colors will be repeated in those locations.
  • A jelly roll typically contains 40 strips, but not all collections have 40 different fabrics, so there is certain to be some repeats in most jelly rolls, but they may not be the colors you want/need.  Because of this, a second jelly roll is a must.
  • 12 Diamond Layout:  If you want anything larger than a 6-Diamond quilt, you will need Fat Quarters.
  • 15 Diamonds or more:  If you want anything larger than a 12 diamond quilt, you will need some 1/2 yard cuts of your darks and 1/4 yard cuts of your lights.
  • Black and White:  In addition, you will need a 1/4 yard of white and anywhere from 1-2 yards of black, depending on the size you choose.
  • Diamond 4-patch components

Make the diamond components:
  • White and black 4-patch diamonds are made to go in the center of each large diamond.
  • Black 4-patch diamonds are made to go between each large diamond.  Actually, we will cut 4-1/2" diamonds, cuz that is easier than sewing 4 together.
  • Create 4-patch light and dark color diamonds for the four sides of the diamond.
  • Create 2-patch dark diamonds for the "arms" which link the diamonds together.
  • Create some extra 2-patch darks and 1-patch lights to fill in the top and bottom of the quilt.
When all the diamond parts are complete, the quilt is ready to be assembled.  This works best with a design wall or a flannel back table cloth on the floor or a table.

Assemble the Quilt:
This is the fun part.  Arrange the diamonds in vertical and horizontal rows.  
Move them around until you like the mix of colors.  No map or row by row instructions needed!

Use as many diamonds or as few diamonds as you want.  The more you make, the bigger the quilt.  A wall quilt with 6 diamonds would finish like the this:

40 x 46 wall or crib quilt

Or like this:
27 x 66 table runner

The more triangle rows you make, and the wider those rows get, increases the size of the quilt by roughly 12" of width and 20" of length.  Use this shortcut to determine what size quilt you want to make and the number of rows you need to make.

A layout with four diamonds across and three rows down is shown below.

The finished quilt would look like this:

50 x 62  Lap or Throw Quilt

Keep adding to the quilt and it keeps growing!!!

57 X 66

The quilt top and bottom get trimmed and a simple border added.

The quilt sides get an additional dark diamond to give those outer diamonds an "elbow" and an accent diamond is surrounded by black diamonds to finish off the design.

WORKSHOP:  a supply list for the class is on my website.  Here is the LINK.

Due to time limits, we will make a 6-Diamond Quilt in the class.  
You can always add to it if you want to finish it as a larger quilt.

Questions:  contact me at

Thursday, March 3, 2022

A New Year -- A New Block of the Month

Welcome to 2022!  While the winter sapped my energy and my motivation, signs of Spring are showing up and it is time to bring out a new project that has been in the works for the last 2 years.

As a quilt designer, I dabble in color, shape, and visual relationships. Numbers are as much a part of my work, as my color wheel.  I have always loved what happens when you take a shape and repeat it, or move it around, or turn it upside down.  It is no surprise then, that I stumbled onto Sacred Geometry, which is exactly what I was doing.  Take inspiration from the natural world, history, culture and the visual arts and using elements from each to create my own brand of textile art.

After more than 2 years of reading and studying Sacred Geometry -- the relations of space, shape, time, and pattern, a project evolved which communicated to me on so many levels.  Perhaps it may speak to you as well.  It is my Block of the Month for 2022.  Many of my past designs have been florals.

I love the symmetry of flowers, the colors, the invitation to come closer and smell their perfume.  Like pollinators, the flowers invite us in as we engage in a mutual dance of survival.  We draw beauty from their presence in our lives, and they share their pollen with insects who use it for food while they unwittingly share in the flower's reproduction cycle.  When you superimpose lines and shapes over each bloom, their mathematical and geometric structures become clearer.

This was my inspiration for this years Block of the Month.  OK, I admit it may be a little "out there" and for some even a bit "Woo Woo" but come along with me, if you will, to explore how all this makes sense for the quilter.  Or at least for me! Hahaha!!

Block 1

The first block is a circle, made up of flower petals.  The yellow is for the sun and the small dots on the black background are for the moon and the night.  The circle is the source of all shapes, as we will see as we move through each block in this quilt.

Each month you will get a complete, full color pattern along with an in-depth explanation of the significance and symbolism of the shapes which make up each block.

This is a 10 month block of the month program which will end in December of 2022.

You will be able to purchase each block for $8.00 for a digital download or $10.00 for a printed copy mailed to your postal address each month.

Monthly Subscription

You may choose to pre-pay for the whole Block of the Month at a discounted price.

Complete kits will again be available from and will include all fabric needed to make the quilt plus binding, a print copy of the pattern and shipping all for a remarkable price.  
 The link to order kits ($34.00 per month) will be available March 7, 2022

If you would like to sew along with others or make new friends online, we welcome you to Join the Morning Glory Designs Block of the Month Facebook Group.

Want to get Monthly reminders, along with tips and tricks for each block in your email?  Join my newsletter.  I do not share any of your information.  It is used solely to send you monthly block of the month information.  You may unsubscribe at any time.

Thanks to those who have been following my Blog and Pattern Co for years!  I so appreciate your loyalty and support.  And Welcome to all of you who are new to my blog. I an glad you are  here and hope we work together in the coming year.


Monday, July 19, 2021

Classes At International Quilt Festival Houston

International Quilt Festival in Houston is back and I am thrilled to be able to teach classes this year.

Enrollment for all classes IS NOW OPEN and it helps to be prepared to get the classes you want.  Here are the classes I will be offering.

International Quilt Festival Houston
October 27-31, 2021

Seminole Banded Shopping Tote: October 27, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Supplies: 1/2 yard of bag fabric, 4 coordinating FQs, 3/4 yard lining fabric
Kit: Complete full color pattern, pre-class cutting guide, fusible fleece



Seminole Sampler Mini Quilt: Thursday October 28, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Supplies:  Rotary Cutter, cutting mat, basic sewing supplies
Kit:  Complete full color pattern, all fabric needed to make 8 Seminole Bands


SW Pottery Applique Wall Hanging:  Friday October 29, 8:00-11:00 am
Supplies: fabric and paper scissors, glue stick
Kit:  Complete pattern and fabric kit provided, including templates pre-printed on fusible web, applique pressing sheet, stabilizer, & bent nose tweezers


Indian Blanket: Saturday, October 30, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm 
Supplies:  2 bright Jelly Rolls , 2 yards of black fabric, rotary cutter, cutting mat
Kit: Pattern and 60 degree Diamond Template, Seam Guide and Ruler Grips

Winding Ways Table Mat: Die-Cut Curves without Pins, Sunday, October 31, 8:30-11:30am
Supplies: Basic sewing supplies
Kit: Complete full color pattern and sewing guide, all fabric* for 4 blocks and border, pre-cut and ready to sew, seam guide

*four different fabric kits to choose from:  
Blue and white, Christmas, 30's reproductions, Batik Lights and Brights.

Mama and Me is now available

New patterns are always a reason to celebrate, and this new one is a favorite.  It is really 2 patterns in one, and quite a value.  

Mama and Me is an absolutely adorable panel wall quilt with a half bear paw blocks set on point to form a border.  The bear paw triangles are paper pieced to make them accurate, fast and easy.  If you want to avoid the piecing just frame up this fabulous panel with multiple plain borders and call it done.  But I think the bear paw blocks make it, so give it a try.

The second complete quilt pattern included is this throw quilt with paper piece bear paw square blocks alternating with bear print fabric squares.  The same pieced border is added to the throw quilt making it a show piece for any animal lover, log cabin decor, and just a cozy winter quilt.

The fabric line is Mama Bear by Northcott and will be in stores in August or September.  But you can get the pattern now at Morning Glory Designs.

More new patterns are in the works, so stay tuned in the coming weeks.


This July I am offering all of my panel quilts at 20% off with coupon code Panel20 at checkout.  See all of the fun panel quilt patterns available HERE on my website.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival June 17-19, 2021

Keeping my fingers crossed that KCRQF goes as planned and everyone does what is needed to ensure the safety of all teachers, students, venders and quilters who choose to attend.

That being said. . . I will be there:  Vending and Teaching

Color Confidence for Quilters: or How to Trust Your Hunches
June 17, 2021
12 pm - 3 pm

Click on the class name (above) for more information or to enroll in the class.

Also check out my booth #123-125.  I will be sharing a booth with an incredible new talented designer of embroidery and quilts, Lynn Kane from Puppy Girl Designs.

Be sure to check out her website to see her amazing work.  If you love hand embroidery you will love her beautiful patterns.

It is really her booth, and I am just there to help out and will bring a few of my NEWEST PATTERNS and quilts.  What fun!!!

I hope I see you there.

Now the really fun part:  
Stop by the booth at festival and tell me you read my blog or my newsletter and 
get a free pattern!!!!!

Yup it is just that easy!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Classes Coming in June -- Reno Quilt Expo

I am so excited that I can begin to teach classes again!  2020 was a long dry spell.  Now that my work life is getting back on track. . . . well, I can't really call it work, because teaching is more fun than work. . . . I am planning new classes and refreshing some old favorites.

Reno Quilt Expo:  Nugget Resort, Reno, NV
June 10 - June 12, 2021

Indian Blanket:  Thursday, June 10, 8am - 3pm**
Supplies:  1 bright Jelly Roll, 2 yards of black fabric, rotary cutter, cutting mat
Kit: Pattern and 60 degree Diamond Template $20


SW Pottery Applique Wall Hanging:  Friday, June 11, 8am - 12pm
Supplies: fabric and paper scissors, glue stick
Kit:  Complete pattern and fabric kit provided $45


Jeweled Windows: Stained Glass Paper Pieced Mini:  Friday, June 11, 4pm-8pm**
4 identical blocks can be combined in a variety of settings
Supplies: Bright FQ bundle, rotary cutter, cutting mat
Kit: all foundation papers, pattern, Add-A-Quarter Ruler+ $30


Color Confidence for Quilters: Or How to Trust Your Hunches  Saturday, June 12, 8am-11am
Supplies: 20 3" squares of your favorite fabrics, color magazine ad with colors you love
Kit:  Complete color kit with Color Wheel, Crayons, Handouts, Tools  $20


The Big Apple: Sewing Curves without Pins!  8 Steps to Success**
Saturday, June 12, 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Supplies: 1 "Layer Cake" or 42 10" squares, rotary cutter, rotating cutting mat
Kit: Pattern, Large Apple Core Acrylic Template, Bent Nose Tweezers, 4 practice pre-cut apple cores

**Machines are not provided; 
bring your machine, power cord, basic sewing supplies, small travel iron, pressing mat

For more information or to enroll in classes

Hope I see you there!

Stay tuned, because I will also be teaching at 
the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival, June17-19
and The International Quilt Festival in Houston, October 27-31

Friday, March 5, 2021

New Patterns coming soon

I am excited about the new Morning Glory Designs patterns that will be in shops this summer, featuring a new Christmas collection from Northcott called Old Time Christmas.

The patterns are done and on their way to the printers.  They will ship in April and go to shops in May, if all goes as scheduled.  Yea right!  Hahaha  If you want a jump on them, I will be putting them up on my website as digital download patterns next week.

There are two patterns.  The first is called Celebrations Table Topper and is super simple.  It measures 50 x 50, a perfect size for a dining table.  It uses a tree skirt panel appliqued to a big square of background fabric!  Add a border and you are done.

MGD 233  Celebrations Table Topper

The second pattern is actually THREE patterns in one!  Celebrations Table Trio. Yup, this one is a great value.   It is a set of 2 placemats with a matching table runner (20 x 48).  

MGD 234  Celebrations Table Trio

The pattern is paper pieced to make it easy and accurate featuring blocks on point.  On-point blocks often have fractional measurements which are difficult to cut, so piecing with foundations makes them perfectly accurate every time.  The ribbon print borders are a stripe printed on the diagonal so cutting rectangles is easy- no bias edges!

I even added a bonus 6" mug rug pattern to go with the set.  Isn't it cute?  This set will make a great Christmas or Holiday gift for friends or family.  Watch for the Northcott Old Time Christmas collection in shops this summer.

The mug rug would make a great class project for shops.  It could be completed in one class session, incorporating foundation piecing and directional cutting.


Beach Dreams Block of the Month

I just finished printing Block #3 for Beach Dreams!  WOW this is a BIG pattern. 21 pages!  But they are printed, bagged and ready to go out to subscribers.  

The pattern is big because the blocks are big!  The palm trees in Block 3 are 14" x 25".  They are almost big enough to plant outside!

It is not too late to purchase Beach Dreams Block of the Month or Beach Dreams Fabric Kits (which include full color patterns and postage).

CLICK HERE to Subscribe


One More New Pattern

I just heard from Northcott who approved another new pattern.  The fabric is a Southwest fabric collection called Stonehenge Sun Valley.  Their Stonehenge SW collections have been popular in the past and always sell out.  So I am excited to see a new collection coming.

I will be writing this pattern, but it needs a name.  I would love some suggestions.  Normally my pattern naming mojo works well but I could use your help on this one.  This is a lap quilt 56 x 56 with a bonus wall hanging version in the same pattern.  It would also make a great table topper if you have SW decor.

 Leave a suggestions in the comments.  
If I choose your suggestion you will get the pattern for free when it is ready to release!

Thanks for taking a look!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Beach Dream Kits are Here

2021 Block of the Month:  Beach Dreams

Don't you just love a kit to make the fabric shopping decisions easy?  Yup, me too.  I love kits.  And the fabrics beautifully selected for Beach Dreams will tempt you for sure.

Take a look:

Patterns for Blocks 1 - 5

Block 1 Pattern

Block 1 Fabric Kit

WOW.  Patterns and kits are available now.  This is a great value that includes all the fabric needed to make the quilt, all 12 patterns and 12 fabric kits!  Where can you get them?

Morning Glory Designs

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Beach Dreams Block 1 Available NOW

Beach Dreams is the 2021 Block of the Month. 

And what a dreamy quilt it is!  It is fun to make, and will banish the blues as you dream of a sunny warm day at the beach.

 On January 15 we released block 1: Dolphins leaping

It was so easy to make using machine appliqué,  and the beautiful batik fabrics are perfect for this quilt.  Here is a beautiful version made by Tina B.

Or this one made by Kim R

There is still plenty of time to order your copy before the next installment is released on February 15.

CLICK HERE to order the pattern.

Do you want a kit with all the fabrics for the complete quilt preselected and beautifully packaged?  Kits are still available at a great price which includes the full pattern in color and shipping.

CLICK HERE to order the fabric kit.

On February 15 Block 2 will be released.  It is the pieced background for the whole center row of the quilt.  

Once you have Block 2 completed the following months will include the applique for the palm trees, pelican, and flamingos.  It would make a great table runner all on its own, but looks best as part of the whole quilt.

Join us for this fun in the sun seaside adventure.  It will make you smile!