Sunday, February 12, 2017

New February BOM Blocks

The block for February has been posted and is ready for you to download for free for 30 days.  You can still get block 1 for free for a few more days, if you didn't get it yet.

This block is called Bridget's Wedding and is named after my niece who just got married.

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Which one do you like better?  White on blue background, or blue on white background?

I also have the February Flower of the Month table runner on half price for all of February at Morning Glory

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Look What Came in the Mail!!

I opened my issue of American Patchwork & Quilting that came in the mail today and guess what I found?  It is the April 2017 issue, and on page 73 was a copy of my quilt pattern in the Northcott ad!

This is really an amazing picture for a number of reasons.  Of course I am thrilled that they chose my design to feature for their new A Stitch In Time fabric collection (which is fabulous, I might add). But the pattern includes two sizes -- a throw and a table topper -- in the pattern.

But there are also two more patterns using this line in addition to this Studio Throw pattern.  You can get them here on my Website.

I also designed a Studio Wall Quilt

and a Studio Organizer using this fabric collection.

This last design is super easy!  The squares with the saying on them are pockets, sewn onto the background fabric, for storing tools and notions in your sewing room.  The fabrics are all pre-print stripes, panels, and prints, so there is very little piecing in this project.

Check out the Northcott website for this fabric line.  There are several great tote bag patterns (by other designers) that are very cool and would go well with these patterns.These vintage block and sewing machine prints go with a group of Stonehenge fabrics in a collection called Oxidized Copper.  What is not to love about these?

I love designing patterns for Northcott because they keep giving me wonderful fabric collections to work with.  You should be able to find this line at your local quilt shop.  I know several shop owners have called me to order patterns for kits, so check your local shops and pick up some of this yummy yardage.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kits Available for the New 2017 BOM Fair Isles Winter

Fabric Kits for Fair Isles Winter are now available from  

You will love these first quality batiks and white-on-white prints!  Each kit includes the fabric for one featured block and one sashing block!  The $29 per month fee includes postage and the finishing kit for all the borders. The kits will be offered one per month for 14 months starting in February 2017. Peggy put together one great value for this 88" x 88" queen-size quilt.

And while you are shopping at check out her other amazing fabrics and kits, and her 40" yard cuts!  Her fabric is wonderful, her packaging is so cute, and her customer service is amazing!

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The mailing includes links to the new block each month and another link to the free bonus block, available for free only to newsletter subscribers. Plus you get a link to my monthly half price quilt pattern and the new Deco Gardens blocks still being added each month.  I try to add some additional eye candy by posting anything new or in the works.  Sign up here.*

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Here is Bonus Block 1.  

I know, it looks really scary, but you can leave out the scary parts, if you prefer, and then you have a very non-scary sweet block.

Block 2 will be posted this weekend so don't miss your chance to get the first block and first bonus block for free!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two New Deco Garden Blocks

Are you still collecting those fun Deco Garden blocks?  Here are two new ones to tempt you.  Both are available HERE.

The first one is called Red Rose MGD410-44

Look how fun cool this block looks when four blocks are put together to make a cushion cover or a table runner.

 It even has a certain appeal when placed on a white background.

Here is the second new block.  It is called Peach Blossom.  MGD410-45

I made another version of this block as a wreath, just for fun.  I get a little crazy using EQ7 sometimes.  I like the way the stems make a secondary design.

I would probably make this as a 16" block rather than a 12" block, just so there would be plenty of room for all those crazy stems.  If you want a pattern drawn up for this one let me know in the comments and leave a name so I can contact you.

Here is a four block version of the pattern.  What do you think?  Kinda cool in a weird way.  And the version with the white background is also fun.  Can you tell I get a kick out of doing these blocks? 

OK hope you enjoyed that.  Of course I have 2 more in the works for next month.  

Want 20% off?  Use Coupon Code MGD20% when you check out! Yup, really is just that simple.

Click here:  Morning Glory Designs

Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Website for the New Year

After weeks and weeks of planning, work, and laying down some serious cash, I now have a new, faster and easier to use website.  Thanks to Madi at LikeSew Websites, the beastie is now up and running.  Still a few rusty spots and a couple of missing photos for some of the categories, but its alive!

As for my old site, as Scotty on Star Trek used to say (with a rolling Scottish burr) "Captain, she's breaking up!"  And so am I and WordPress.  PHEW!  I hope you find the new website easier to use. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about how I could make it better.  I actually have some control over this one.

 I would like to thank my web Maven Jo Ericson from the bottom of my heart.  She was Johnny on the spot every time I had a problem and was always ready to help whenever there was a glitch.  I recommend her to anyone needing a web expert. She has saved my life, not to mention my web site on countless occasions.  And while I am thanking people I really need to shout out at Anne Ashley, the incredible graphic designer who did all the incredible art work and logo/branding on my site.  Anne and Jo are a great team and I am super happy for all the help and inspiration they have given me over the years.

So without further ado, welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Morning Glory Designs!!

And in case you wondered, no need to change your bookmarks.  It is the exact same URL as the old one.  Just hosted on a new server.

And click on the same link and subscribe to my newsletter because the new 2107 BOM is FINALLY ready.  And as Scotty would say,  "Captain, she's a beauty!"

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes on the 18th.  It was a great day spent with my family and beautiful grand babies.

Hugs!  Reeze

Friday, January 13, 2017

New Block of the Month for 2017

Finally, I have come up with an idea for the 2017 free block of the month.  Usually it does not take this much time or angst to design and write my BOM, but this year the gears are going around slowly.

I am so tickled by those of you who have written to ask where the 2017 BOM is, but it has motivated me to get to work on it, or rather on all the versions of it I have come up with and rejected.  I am my own worst critic!  But I finally said "enough already" and stood back from all the versions I designed and chose one.  A bit different from last year's Seminole Sampler, or even the Deco Garden Sampler from the year before.

The new BOM  has a name!  

Thanks to all of  you who generously shared your suggestions.  Wow, it was really hard picking a name I like best because so many of them were amazing.  I culled the list down to my top 6 favorites and then just had to choose.  The winning suggestion came from Debbie Green* who suggested Fair Isle Fantasy. Special thanks to those of you who used "winter" in your suggestion.  I thought that really captured the feel of the quilt so I added to the name.

Fair Isles Winter

So here is the 2017 BOM.  What do you think?  NOTE:  Each star block will be unique.  This picture just puts all the same block in each space so as to not spoil the surprise.  Click on the 2017 BOM page for more details.

Thanks for your patience, comments, and name suggestions.

*Debbie Green please contact me to claim your prize.  You did not leave contact information!  I will award the prize to my second choice if I don't hear from you by February 1, 2017.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

2016 New Free Poinsettia Block

To celebrate the month of December I designed another Free Poinsettia block as a thank you gift to my readers and subscribers.

Click HERE to download the free block.

If you make four of these blocks you can put them together into a great holiday wall hanging, and now flowers to remember to water!

You can still get the 2015 Free Poinsettia Block HERE. It was a big hit last year and several people send me pictures of projects they made from the block pattern.  I hope you will do the same this year.  I love seeing the way you make these patterns uniquely your own.

This photo is from a sweat shirt a reader made last year.  Don't you think it would look great with some holiday bling all over the center yellow?

Hope you enjoy these two fun holiday quilt blocks.  
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Morning Glory Designs

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Deco Garden Bonus Block Half Price Sale - only in November

I know everyone loves a sale, and here is one just for those of you who love the Deco Garden Bonus Blocks I have been offering all year.  A one-time opportunity to get them for Half Price during the month of November.


Many of you have already taken advantage of this sale. Thank you!  I so appreciate your continued support and good wishes.  Here are a few more new blocks to tempt you.  I hope you enjoy the blocks, and the savings.

As always, if you send me a picture of a project you have made with one of these blocks, I will send you a free pattern for one of the new blocks of your choice.

Block 38 - Grapes. 
I grew up on a fruit farm in Northern Ohio and we had acres of concord grapes which we sold to Welches.  In addition, my dad also grew a few acres of wine grapes and made his own wine.  He supplied the wine for my wedding 33 years ago, a memory which always makes me smile when I think of my dad.

Block 39 - Gooseberries
I am not sure I have ever eaten a gooseberry, but I know they are really bitter and require quite a bit of sugar to make them palatable.  But they do make great jam and pie!

They are on sale only for the month of November!

Coming Soon!

Block 40 - Hyacinth
Coming soon!  Watch for this pattern coming next week. 
This is one of my favorite spring blooming bulbs.  I always planted a few in my yard.  Last year when they replaced my front porch and sidewalk all my bulbs were dug up in the process and my gentle hyacinths were one of the victims.  I am going to buy some more to replant this fall.  My favorite is actually a bright pink hyacinth which bears my real name:  Anne Marie.  Yup, the secret is revealed!  Reeze is a nickname I have used most of my life.  Now I have to scour the bulb catalogs to see if I can find another Anne Marie Hyacinth.  Anyone know where I can get one????

And just for fun, here is a pink hyacinth.

I have had more fun designing these blocks.  I thought you might enjoy a picture of all of them, well actually, this is most of them, not all, as they all wouldn't fit into 6 x 7 setting.  But it is most of them. 

Want to be a quilt tester?

My project for 2017 is to write a book featuring these and more Deco Garden blocks and a series of projects I am designing to go with them  If you are interested in helping with this project by making a project which will be featured in the book, send me an email. 

I am lining up projects for the book this winter.  You will receive a free pattern for the project.  You will use your own fabric and keep the resulting project.  All I ask is that you send it to me for photographing.  You will receive credit for the project in the book, and a free copy when it is published.

Sound like fun?  I would love a variety of techniques used: fusible web, needle turn, back basting,  freezer paper, wool applique, machine embroidery*
. . . . .

Interested?  Contact me at reeze at

Happy Quilting

*Do you digitize?  I would like to hire someone to digitize the files for me.  If you are interested please contact me to work out details.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Free Block for the Holidays

There is much to be thankful for this year.  I am especially thankful for you, my readers and supporters who hang out with me from time to time to see the new stuff I am designing and making each year.

Last year I gave away a free Deco Garden block in December and I want to bring that back again for those who may not have been around and missed it.

Click HERE to download the free block pattern.

Click HERE to download the free block with the surrounding vine.

Here are a few projects you could make with these blocks.

I hope you like the free block and have fun using it in a holiday project.  Watch for more surprises coming next month.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 5 of the Ruby's Treasures Blog Hop

If you know me, you know I love 1930's reproduction fabrics.  When my friend Barbara Eikmeier told me she was bringing out a line of 30's fabrics in conjunction with Paint Brush Studios I jumped for joy and immediately ordered fabric bundles and panels to sew and to sell.  I had a quilt all lined up to make using 30's reproductions, a darling Alphabet baby quilt, and got to work on it right away using Barb's fabrics.  I love how they coordinate with the Painter's Palette Solids (by Paint Brush Studio).  The colors are so fresh and cheerful, and totally go together.
So when Barb invited me to participate in the Ruby's Treasures Blog Hop it was a no brainer!  Of course!  I poured through the blocks in Ruby McKim’s book One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns.
It was really hard to pick just one.  But I saw a block named Skyrocket and I was curious about what it looked like.  What was Ruby imagining when she names a block after a rocket?  This was 100 years ago, remember, and sky rockets were the stuff of science fiction back then.  Here is the original pattern.

The original was a 12" block made using templates (with no seam allowance I might add), and set-in seams were needed to add the outer triangles to the block.  OH NO!  While I am perfectly able to do set-in seams I didn't want to do 8 of them in one block (and I had two blocks to make, no less) so I redrafted the pattern in EQ7.  The resulting block could be rotary cut, but the size and shape of the patches made that just as difficult as using templates.  Fractional measurements and odd angles, Oh My!
So I chose to do a paper piece blocks, and it was super easy to make.
Here are my EQ7 renderings for the block:
I wanted to do one with a dark background and one with a lighter background to emphasize the different looks achievable with this block.

I printed my foundation pattern on tracing paper and selected my fabrics for each block.

There are 8 section in each blocks and you need to paper piece each section first.  Here is the layout for the foundation pattern.

NOTE:  When you download and print the pattern measure the 1" square printed on each page.  If it is not exactly 1" you may need to adjust your printer settings.

I recommend pre-cutting patches for each section to speed up the process.  I did this by making an extra copy of the foundation pattern and cutting it apart.  I used each shape to create a template, and added 1/2" to all sides of the template.  Once I cut the first patch I stacked it on a folded piece of fabric to get the rest of the pieces.

Here is a cutting list to help you get started.  These measurements have the extra amount needed to foundation piece added in.  This is for the block with the green background.

  • Cut (4) 4" blue squares
  • Cut (1) 4" yellow square
  • Cut (4) 4" green squares
  • Cut (4) 3" pink and blue print squares, cut once on the diagonal to make 8 triangles
  • Cut (4) 4" x 6" yellow rectangles (use your paper template to trim the corners)
  • Cut (8) 4" x 8" green rectangles (use your paper template to trim the corners)

Cut the foundation pattern pages into sections.  There should be 4 corner sections and 4 sections to make up the 9-patch center.  If you a novice paper piecer you may want to watch one of the many great video tutorials available on U-Tube.
Reduce the stitch length on your machine to 2.0 or shorten it to a setting smaller than normal.  Thread your machine with 50 or 60 wt top thread and a light weight bobbin thread in the bobbin.  Use a quarter inch presser foot and a 1/4 seam guide (a strip of tape works well) on your machine bed.
In foundation piecing the fabric is always placed right side up on the UNPRINTED side of the pattern, and you sew on the PRINTED side of the pattern.
Pin the yellow cone shaped patch to the middle of the corner section, adjusting it so that there is about 1/4" seam beyond one of the lines.  Trim if necessary.

Then place the green triangle shaped patch on top of the yellow patch, right sides together. 

Do a "test flip" to be sure that when the green patch is opened out that it completely covers the area AND seam allowance of the area it is to cover.

 Sew on the line joining the two patches.  Start about 1/4" before the line and sew 1/4" beyond the line to secure the ends of the seam.

Remove the pin and press the green patch open.  Be sure it cover the area completely.

To trim the other side of the yellow patch, fold the paper pattern back on the stitching line.

Use an Add-A-Quarter Ruler (pictured) or a regular ruler to trim the yellow fabric 1/4" beyond the stitching line.

The Add-A-Quarter Ruler has a raised 1/4" edge which is butted up against the fold line to precisely cut 1/4" seam allowance.  It is a great tool and not expensive.

 After you trim off the excess yellow fabric fold the paper back out flat.

Position the other green triangle patch right sides together on the yellow patch.

Do a test flip - like you did before - to be sure the patch is positioned right then carefully turn the pattern over and sew the seam on the printed side of the pattern. 

Flip the green fabric open and press.

Turn the foundation pattern over and trim on the cutting lines.

Be sure to trim the corners of the triangles on the cutting lines.

Turn over and press the completed section.  You will need to make 4 of these corner units.

Foundation piece the four center section in the same manner.  They are easier to do because they do not have wonky triangles like these corner sections.  Join the two center section to make the yellow star center.

Sew the two side sections to the center section to complete the nine-patch star.  See the foundation pattern for instruction in how to join one section to another.

Add the corner sections, matching seam lines and corners.  Press seams open.

Sew the two opposite corners on first, then add the other two corners.

Press well after each corner is added.  Remove the paper from the seam allowances if it feels too bulky.

Here is the completed block.

Once you get the hang of paper piecing it goes very quickly, and you can actually chain piece sections to speed up the process.

Here is the second block with the light yellow background.

In this block I added an extra star point in green to give it the look of a friendship star in the middle.  

Let me know which version you prefer in the Comments. If you leave a comment you will be entered in my giveaway for a free pattern.  

Remember that ABC Baby Quilt I mentioned in the introduction?  The pattern will be published in The Quilt Pattern Magazine in 7 segments from January to July 2017.  I will choose one comment at random to win a 1 year subscription to TQPM so you will get all 7 installments of the ABC quilt.  

Here is a sneak peek of the quilt pattern you could win.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already been to the Inspired by Fabric blog, hop on over there, sign up to follow (if you don’t already) and leave a comment there as well– they’re giving away fat quarter bundles of Ruby’s Treasures!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the hop. Stop by Barb’s blog each day as well, as she’ll be sharing more about Ruby and the fabric collection she inspired.
Friday 11/4: Barb Eikmeier @
Monday 11/7: Donna Lynn Thomas @
Tuesday 11/8:Theresa Ward @
Wednesday 11/9: Pat Speth @
Thursday 11/10: Reeze Hanson @
Friday 11/11: Kelly Ashton @
And here’s the link to Inspired by Fabric, our blog host.

Thanks for hopping by!  Be sure to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway!