Monday, February 17, 2014

A Few New Designs

It is hard to stop drawing and designing quilts using Mexican tiles.  I have been researching vintage Malibu Tiles, a tile manufacturer that is actually still around. The style of Spanish revival tiles from the early 1920's have a bit of a modern art deco feel to them, and then some are just off the map.  I am finding my way to developing a color palate which used the glaze colors which were typical for this style of southern California art tiles.  I admit I can't stop.  There are just too many possibilities.

Here are a few I came up with tonight.  The problem I see with them is that they are lot of applique, and who would want to take on that kind of work?  Yet how can I pare them down to greater simplicity and still maintain the style?  I am working on that.  I found a quilt book by a wonderful designer who used Talavera (a Mexican style of pottery and tile) designs to create very modern looking quilt designs.  They are lovely and much simpler than what I have created, but they lack the traditional feel that I love about these designs.

What do you think?

California (9" blocks)
This quilt is called California and mixes that sunny feel of the Southwest with a stained glass look drawn from the black-outlined circles.  I remember the Spanish Missions in California when I visited as a child and they had this look and feel.  It is made of 2 alternating blocks with a slim black sashing between them.

Orange Blossom
This one is brighter, more "fiesta-ish" with the primary colors and happy summer feeling.  I named it Chicken Soup because I couldn't think of anything else at the time.  Odd how names come to me based on impressions I get at the moment.  Haha

The blocks 8" squares in a 5 x 5 setting, but any odd number of rows would work out with this pattern.  I really like these blocks and found that I could make dozens of combinations with them.  Alter the colorway and they really created all kinds of moods.

Desert Pansy
Song Bird
 I get such a kick out of designing those twining border blocks.   I know I have earned several years in purgatory for that, but they just intrigue me, and seem to go with the tile designs.  This has been so much fun.  I almost hate to admit I have designed more than 100. . . er, ok. . .200 designs with the more than 60. . . er, ok. . . 100 tile designs I have drawn.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Block 2 Sees His Shadow, 6 more weeks of Block Designs

I love Ground Hogs day -- the holiday, not the movie.  Punxsutawney Phil has always had a special fascination for me.  Any critter who is a harbinger of weather, especially one who can predict the onset of spring in the midst of a bleak winter is on my A list.

So the February block is a bright and splashy floral design, so I naturally named it "Splash."  I just love how these bright colors cheer me up on a dreary ice and snow covered February day here in Kansas.

Note that the little dots around the flower center are French knots you will need to put in by hand after the block is complete.  Or if you would prefer something easy, use a fabric pen and draw the dots in.

Here is a slightly altered version of this block.  I left the blue outline edges off and spread out the block a little so it didn't look so crowded.  I prefer this look when combining the block in repeat patterns. I used this in the settings below.

All the blocks in this BOM finish to 8" squares and are patterned for fusible machine applique.  You may, of course, use whatever applique method you prefer.

You can download the free pattern for this block on my 2014 BOM page (see tab at the top of the page on the far right side.)  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get the free monthly bonus block.

I have had a lot of fun designing settings for these Fiesta blocks.  Here are a few of the settings I have come up with featuring this month's free block.

Splash and Drip 1

Splash and Drip 2

Splash and Drip 3

At the Cantina

Splash in the Fan

Splash Runner

Splash and Drip Runner

Splash and Drip at the Cantina

I get on a roll and can't stop myself.  I have so much fun with EQ7.  The problem is, which one of these settings do I make?  I want them all.  Do you have a favorite. Leave a comment and let me know your favorites.  I will pattern the one that gets the most votes.