Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vintage Sampler blocks win a Ribbon at the Fair!

Quilter Betty King has been making some of the 12" Vintage Sampler blocks (available from my newsletter) and sent me a picture of the quilt she made using 13 of the blocks.  I just LOVE her amazing quilt.  AND she won a ribbon at the fair for this quilt.  Beautiful job Betty.

How I love to see what peope do with these blocks.  Do you have a quilt you have made from any of these blocks so far?  Send it in and I will feature your quilt of top on my next post.

Today I am working on a wedding veil for my daughter-in-law to-be.   I held my breath and cut the curve in the bottom of the bridal illusion tulle and then measured the length for her cathedral length veil.  I based all the lace on and then gathered the top.  I need to get some ribbon to sew the gathered top to, then I will sew it to the hair clip.  Once she tries it on and I am sure the length is right I will sew down all the lace by hand and trim the tulle around the bottom of the lace.  I'll post a picture when I have it ready.  It really will be pretty.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Block 15 Posted & Kitties have names

 Wow, I can hardly believe it is time to post block 15 in the Vintage Sampler Block of the Month.  This month is one of my favorites:  Two Roses!  It looks like a rose stencil and it is a classic 30's block.  I found an example of a quilt with this block on ebay.  Click on over to my BOM page (see the tabs above) and download your free block!

Well, the kitties have names at last.  Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions.  They were great and it was so hard to choose.  The babies are officially Buffy and Buster.  Goofy names for goofy cats.  The little terrors survived somehow while we were away for a few days last week.  The critter sitter was for the most part unscarred, although I am not sure if she will critter sit for me again.

The kitties sit on my desk and bat at the letters on my monitor as I type, then jump on the keyboard and type their own weird messages.  This picture was taken in a RARE moment when the babies were sleeping and not obstructing my view of the monitor as they are in the pictures below.

 Buffy sits with her nose right on the screen.  I don't think that can be good for her eye sight, can it?

The winner of the Name the Kitties Contest has received their prize.  Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.  I am keeping a list of them all just in case I get more kitties!  (Yea right!) LOL