Sunday, May 31, 2009

Midnight Posies Block 5

Midnight Posies Block #5 is the Purple Pansy Block!

This wonderful nine-patch variation is super easy. Bright purple petals and a bold yellow center make it striking. The simple leaves are formed by half square triangles using a medium green and the black background fabric. Of course you can make yours any color you choose, but the brighter the better. Bright clear colors really get a big punch from the black background, and Mother Nature is skimpy on colors in her flower garden. She goes for pure clear colors with lots of zing to attract those busy summer polinators!

Download the PDF for this block here.

Want to kick this block up a notch? Experienced quilters might want to "cut off the corners" of the purple petals by doing a quick corner in the 2 outer corners, or even all four corners! Or try a variation like the ones I have created playing on EQ6:

This block uses a "quick corner" to take a bite out of the two outer corners of each petal. It also adds an "hour glass" block or quarter square triange to the center with 2 different yellows. This variation makes the flower look more petite. In blue it would be a forget-me-not!

This version captures the blue and purple petals of real pansies and the four-patch yellows in the center add more interest. Smaller bites off the corners really adds to the shape of the pansey petals as does extending the petals into the center. Instructions for these and other variations will be included in the purchased pattern. I hope you have fun creating your own variations.

I hate to add this little disclaimer but I felt it was important to remind you that this pattern is copywrited and may not be duplicated, sold, or used for profit in any manner. You may download the pattern for your personal use or for charitable causes. If you wish to share it with your friends, please invite them to come to my blog and download a copy for their use.

If you exhibit this quilt or use it for charitable purposes please be sure that the pattern title, Midnight Posies by Morning Glory Quilt Designs, is prominently displayed on the quilt label. And by all means send me a picture!! I would love to see your work and note all the ways you personalized this pattern to reflect your tastes and creativity!!

Thank you so much for respecting rights of designers. We love sharing our work with people who love quilting as much as we do!

Back from Vacation

Wow! I didn't realize how long it has been since I last posted. I have been out of touch for two blissful weeks of camping, family visits, college reunions, and almost no work. No TV, no cell phones, and no internet! It was wonderful. I so appreciate the time away to recharge my creative batteries, rest my mind and body, and enjoy the simple joys of conversation, laughter, and friendship.

Of course I stopped at lots of quilt shops and here are some of my favorites:

Angies Nine Patch in Effingham, IL -- what a treasure trove of fabric, patterns & books, tools and gadgets, and thread. Prices are terrific and great customer service. And a sweet little antique shop on the back of the shop was an added bonus.

Satin Stitches in Columbia, MO -- this is just a great all around shop. Excellent selection of fabric, patterns and notions. Wonderful shop samples all around. And bags!! Wow did they ever have a great selection of bags made up with loads of patterns and accessories for bag making. They are also a Pfaff dealer and had some wonderful machines and embroidery "stuff". The staff is super friendly. Great prices on fabric too! All bolts are $2.00 off the retail price.

I love visiting shops across the country when I travel. I get so many ideas and see new things. I come back inspired and ready to sew!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lily of the Valley

The delicate blooms of the tiny Lily of the Valley have always fascinated me. I love their unique scent, the quintessential floral fragrance, Muget du bois! It was my mother's favorite perfume. We bought her a bottle for Christmas every year. And when she would walk downstairs, stressed up for an occasion, the linger scent of these delicate lillies would follow her. I will forever associate their gentle little bells and fragrance with my mother.
They are now blooming in my garden, and I picked a bouquet of these lovely blooms for the house. Their scent lingers in my kitchen, bringing images of springs past, and gardens of my childhood. I am working on an embroidered quilt block which attempts to capture their sweet bell shape, and pristine pinkish white color.
It is only partially completed but I am experimenting with satin stitch on the flowers, and still have much practice to go before my satin stitch looks good. But it is a start and I am enjoying the fun and making this precious blooms come to life on fabric. I have been trying for some months to come up with a way to creat a table runner which uses lily of the valley to complete my Charming Botanicals table runner collection. May is the only month that still eludes me, as I try to find a way to retain the delicacy of the blossoms, and still create a floral quilt which is easy to do and elegant in design. I took lots of pictures of the flowers in my garden for inspiration, in addition to collecting other artistic pieces that feature the darling buds.
Here are few of the treasures I have found.

I find the green and white palate an great source of peace and contentment, and I hope that the quilt design I finally come up with will convey that same sense of "comfort" and "home." A great way to spend Mothers Day, I think.