Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May is Slip Slidin' Away. . . .

I missed the whole month of May!  And it is one of my most favorite months of the year.  I recall glimpses of things here and there, but for the most part it is gone, fogged by a groggy brain, turtle-like reflexes, and lots and lots of sharp pain emanating from the new titanium joint in my knee.  Yup I have been totally out of it.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the pain medication that made it all possible, but I had not expected how much it would knock me out.  Can you spell dysfunctional?

After losing May I am more determined than ever that I am not going to lose June!  I am up and walking without assistance now -- both cane and walker have been shelved along with the commode, depends, and pillow-lined hall way.  I still have another knee to go so I am not getting rid of the sick room gear just yet.

Buster and Buffy have been my constant companions through the dark times.  They take turns sitting on my lap, drinking out of my water glass, and meowing at me if I attempt to sleep.  They have both learned to dodge the cane when it comes toward them.  They are more nimble than I am at this point so they have to get out of the way or get mowed over.  Max is very protective of me and is my constant shadow, tucking himself under my recliner whenever I sit there making it impossible to put the feet down without smashing the dog in the chair.

And Bruce has been my driver, nurse, cook, laundry dude, and all around go and fetch it for me guy.  He has been great through all of this craziness.  I am especially impressed by his cooking!  He is a fast food kind of guy, but he has been fixing me nice meals with veggies, homemade meat balls, and salads.  Not fancy, but tasty and filling.  If it can be made from hamburger, he can make it.  He has graduated to frozen chicken breasts, and is attempting the occasional soup.  What a guy.

Now 6 weeks post op I am finally coming out of the fog, working on patterns and quilts, preparing teaching notes for classes at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival June 14-17 in Overland Park, KS.  The following week I go to Reno, NV to teach 6 classes at the Sew and Quilt Expo.  I am putting together kits, class supplies and ordering replacements for everything I sold out of earlier this year.

It feels good to be working again, although at a much slower pace, after a month of indolence, incomprehension, and incontinence.

So  with all that as an introduction, check out this month's free block of the month on my 2017 BOM tab on my blog.  Yup, its free, and is available as a digital download only.  It is called Swirling Star and I just love the little applique swirls in the corners.

And this month's bonus block, free to my newsletter subscribers, is called Swish N Swirl. I think it is a beauty, and in a way sort of tells the story of me and the month of May.

Thanks for hanging out with me in June.  I missed you.

PS.  The knee surgery went well, it is healing fine, and I am back on my feet.  Thanks for all the good thoughts, wishes and prayers.  It really helped.  HUGS

Friday, May 5, 2017

Block 5 Snowy Window Fair Isle Winter BOM

The free pattern for Block 5 is now available.
Click on the 2017 BOM Tab at the top to download the free pattern.

Comfortably Numb

Yes, I had to explain to my son that there was a time in my life when I listened to Pink Floyd. And this explanation was required because he asked me how I was feeling after my knee replacement surgery.  My response, "Comfortably numb" a multilayered response to both the pain meds I am taking and the complete loss of time I am experiencing as I recover at home.

Yea, he didn't get it either.

So is it any wonder the May Fair Isle BOM is late this  month?  Nope, didn't think so.

But as I scrape through the fog I discovered the May BOM could not remain concealed for long.  It is now available on the 2017 BOM Page.

Knee Update:  quit reading now if these sort of things makes you want to hurl.   My knee is healing nicely.  Staples are out, I am now permitted to shower for real, and I am doing physical therapy, as required by my Physical Therapist, Debbie the Good.  Entering week 3 post op and still lots of pain, but I am now doing stairs, and using a cane instead of a walker most of the time.  I now have an official ADA toilet in my bathroom, and can get in and out of bed unaided.  Now when I can get the bolts out of my neck and retire the Frankenstein shirt I will feel a lot better.  :-)