Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Quilts are Featured in an ETSY Treasury

Go here and take a look at all the wonderful blue and purple stuff!!

Last week a quilt of mine was featured in another treasury.  This one featured all those wondeful daffodils -- my favorite flower.  Really made me feel like spring!!  I especially love the daffodil cookies!  Yummmm I can almost taste them.   LOL 

While I wait for spring to come I am designing more spring like quilts.  Here is the next design I am going to bring out as a pattern.  Which version do you like best?  The table topper (small) or the throw quilt (large)? 

Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment. 

I'll pick one of the voters to receive a free copy of the pattern when it comes out.  How FUN is that???

Table Topper with 8 sides, about 36" across.

Quilt Throw with scalloped edges, about 50" x 50"

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Quilt I am working on

I had the fun of working on a new quilt for the past two weeks, -- thus my relative quietness on my blog -- and got the top completed.  It is now at the quilters have magic worked on it.  I will post a pic of the quilting when it comes back from Brenda, the incredible quilter who works magic on my quilts!

Here is what it looked like before I started.  I cut 3" diamonds and stacked them up in the order I would need to use them.  I think that took longer than the sewing!!

Here is my design wall with the first few rows completed and lined up.  This was actually really fun to make as long as I followed my color chart!!

This was my color chart. . . only blown up really big so I could see what the heck I was doing!  LOL  Let me tell you that I kept this baby close the whole time, as I had to refer to it over and over!  I made relativelyl few mistakes, but got myself good and confused a few times when I put the right strips in the wrong order!!  LOL

I worked in rows that ran from upper right to lower left.  Once I completed a row I put it up on my design wall to make sure that I had my colors in the right places.  I added the black border diamonds after I was sure the color placement was right.

The trick to  putting the diamonds together easily was trimming the points.  You can see how I trimmed them in the first picture.  I use Marti Michell's 60 Degree Ruler to do the trimming.  I just love her Hexagon H set of templates for doing diamonds also.  Any of the templates can work to trim diamonds (thanks to you Barb Eikmeier for the great lessons!!!).  I used the H52 template a lot of the time because it was small and easy to keep near my cutting table.  And I used one of spinning cuttin mats so I could stack up diamonds and cut the tops and spin them to cut off the bottom points without disturbing my pile.  (Another trick Barb taught me!!  Thanks Barb, you totally rock)

 I got most of the strips made and up on my design wall last weekend thanks to two snowdays off work and a weekend sewin with the girls in my small group.  They gave me lots of encouragement to get it done!

Once I completed the top I added the color triangles to the top and bottom along with a black border strip.  The sides will remain zig-zagged (you can sorta see that in the left side of the picture.)

I hope these pictures got you tempted!!  The pattern will appear in the August issue of Quilter's World!
I can't wait to see what magic Brenda is working on this. . . oh boy I love the excitement of a new pattern!

                 And this whole quilt came from my stash!!!

And the next block of the month will be posted Feb 1 and the winner of the January BOM giveaway will be announced.  There are some great entries in the JewelsBOM Flicker Group so be sure to go and take a look.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Flicker Page to Post pictures of Jewels BOM

I started a Flicker Group called "Jewels BOM" to share pictures of your blocks.  Each month I will select one pictures as the winner (at random) to receive free quilty prizes. 

This month's prize is copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks and my recently published Frosty Carnations Pattern from Quilter's World!!  I have already posted the pictures I have received so far, and they are spectacular!!

Post your block and be entered in the monthy contest.  Click on the link below to go to the JEWELSBOM group and see the blocks, and post yours.

I can't wait to see Your block!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


 I had neglected to upload a supply list for the new BOM.  Yipes.  But I have corrected that oversight and here it is.

Click on the picture to download the supply list.  Thanks!

Size of completed quilt: 85" x 85"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why I Design Quilts

I love to design quilts.  I just can't seem to stop myself.  I was challenged recently by Wayne Kollinger to think about why I design and I came up with a few ideas.

I design quilts because it is an incredible creative and intellectual exercise.

I design quilts because I see these pictures in my head and I just can't wait to get them down on paper.

I design quilts because it keeps those voices quiet. . .at least for a while!  :-)

I design quilts because I love color and shape and line. . . but especially color!

I design quilts because I can see my ideas become reality right before my eyes.

I design quilts to keep myself sane. . . ok, that doesn't always work, but don't worry, I have meds for the really bad days!  LOL

I design quilts to tell stories. . . stories about people, events, things, ideas, places, special moments
I design quilt to translate my talent into a tangible product I can market which supports me. . .well, not really, but maybe someday it will!

I desgin quilts to fill my house and my life with flowers.  I totally don't have a green thumb and these are the only kind of flowers I can keep alive!!

I design quilts because it fills my heart with joy, excitement, and contentment.

I design quilts to challenge myself, to grow as an artist, and to accomplish something that others will both admire and want to make.

I design quilts because it is a heck of a lot easier than making prom dresses for adolescent divas!!!

I design quilts because it costs less than Prozac.

I design quilts because it feeds my soul and allows me to share my gift with others.

I design quilts because it is fun.  It just gives me a big kick. It makes me smile.

I design quilts because I love to play on EQ7, come up with ideas, and then realize them in fabric and thread -- or not! 

This is a gift I have been blessed with and I thank God everyday for the vision he has given me and the friends who have supported me on this wonderful journery.

Thanks for being there in 2010.  I know we will have even more fun in 2011.

New Block of the Month Begins

The new BOM for 2011 is called Jewels in the Crown.  This quilt is all pieced!  No applique.  But the blocks are made in beautiful jewel tones -- batiks, tone-on-tones, textured prints, and other bright or saturated colors.  The colors will really brighten up a cold northern January!  All blocks finish at 12" and will be placed in an on-point setting.  Of course your version can be any color and setting your choose!

Here is the first block.

The first block is "Jewel Boxes."  You can download the PDF instructions for Block 1 here:
2011 Block of the Month Block 1 -- Jewel Boxes

There is an optional foundation pattern you can download if you prefer to foundation piece the block. 

This year I will do a monthly give away in association with the block of the month.  Everyone who sends me a photo of their completed block will get a chance to win.  Each month the prize will be different.

The Prize for January is a FREE copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 2 and a copy of my Frosty Carnations pattern from the Jan/Feb Quilter's World Magazine!!

To enter the drawing, send me an email of your completed block along with your name and email.  Send your email with attached photo to THIS EMAIL.

I can't wait to see what colors you choose for your Jewel Box Block!