Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Am a Grandma!

Tuesday January 21, 5:05 pm Bryce Sterling Hanson was born to my adorable daughter in law and son.  Baby and mama are both well and grandma is over the moon.  Here is the proud new daddy.

I was lucky enough to be there and got to cuddle that newborn.  What a miracle!
Bryce Sterling Hanson
January 21, 2014
Pucker up Grandma, this kiss is for you!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Name for the 2014 BOM Selected and Winner Named!

Wow was this a difficult task!  I had planned to post the winner yesterday but I just couldn't decide so I took today to narrow down my list and try out each name. My final list had 22 suggestions.  Can you tell I had a time picking my fav?  Hahaha There were so many suggestions that I liked!  Some made me laugh, some made me scratch my head and go "where did that come from?"  The very best part, however, was all the wonderful stories people told relating what the quilt made them "see" or remember.  I loved those suggestions.

The tiles which inspired this quilt were made in the 1920's to the 1940's in California, for the most part, in the Spanish revival style.

Some were made by the American Encaustic Tiling Co. of Los Angeles between 1919-1933. They had plants in Vermon CA and Hermosa Beach CA.  They also had a plant in Zanesville, OH from 1875-1935, but their colors were not as bright and their patterns were not as elaborate as those made in CA.

Some tiles were made by Malibu Potteries in Malibu, CA 1926-1932.  They specialized in Spanish revival foral patterns with bright glazes.

Solon & Schemmel, San Jose, CA made tiles in this style as well from 1921-1936. They made "cuenca" (raised line) tiles with matte glaze colors in floral and geometric patterns.

Another CA company was the Tudor Tile Co. of Los Angeles, 1927-1939.  They used Matte glazes over smooth tiles in the Spanish-style.

Kraftile Co. from Niles CA, 1926-1997 made lots of tiles in this style, as did the Santa Monica Tile Co. from Los Angeles, CA.

At least one of the blocks in the quilt was inspired by tiles made by Flint Faience & Tile Co. of Flint, MI 1921-1933.  Flint's prize winning tiles were all made by hand.

Some of the Bonus Blocks, which are available to newsletter subscribers, are inspired by tiles from Spain, England, and Italy.  I think it is interesting that almost none of the tiles I researched were actually made in Mexico, but in the USA, mostly in California.  I found pictures of tiles all over the web, in books from the library, on ebay, Pinterest, and had some in my own collection.  And yes, I had to go to lunch at Chili's just to see their tables and takes some photos of my favorites! It really was fun to try to capture the style, color and joy expressed by these small ceramic wonders!

So what name did I finally choose?

Fiesta de las Flores which translates 
from the Spanish as Festival of Flowers.

The closest suggestion was "Fiesta de flora" by Anonymous on January 7!  

Since I did not know who Anonymous is, I looked at all the entries which used "Fiesta" and found Fiesta Ole (LadyBugBetty), Fiesta Time (Lynn Jarzombeck), Mosaic Fiesta (Homemother) and Fiesta Tiles (Elayne Novotny and Judy M).  

I put their names on slips of paper and spread them on the floor.  Then Buster came in and sat on the winning entry in a truly random drawing. . . er. . . sitting.  Well, Buster doesn't really sit, he plops and rolls.

So the winner of the stack of Kaffe Fasset Fat Quarters 
(which Buster did NOT sit on) 
is Elayne Novotny!

Congratulations to Elayne!
And sincere thanks to all of you for the great suggestions.  It really was hard to choose, as I liked so many of the names you submitted.

My favorites included:  Mosaic Medley, Celtic Mosaic, Tiffany Tiles (just cuz of the great alliteration), Cashmina (fun to say), Hacienda, Isabella, Fiesta Ole, Fiesta Time, Azulejos (tiles in Spanish), Mexican Garden, Talavera Tiles, Majolica, I Dream of Mexico (this was a close third place), Spanish Tiles, Fiesta Tiles (I almost picked this one), Bella, Siesta, Enchanted Tiles, Ufloria (just sounds good), and Spanish Courtyard (a strong contender).

Thanks to all of you and enjoy making this Block of the Month Quilt!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and New Block of the Month!

Wow, it has been forever since I posted a new BOM.  The Vintage Sampler BOM took 2 years to complete and so many of you enjoyed those vintage 30’s applique blocks.  How many of you actually started that quilt??  LOL

If you missed any Vintage Sampler blocks they are now all available for purchase on my website.

Well, I finally finished my design for the new 2014 BOM and it is a bit different from my last one.  I hope you like it.  I am still tweaking the border and sashing, but it is pretty much done.

What I really need is a name!  So I have a pile of fat quarters all tied up in a pretty bow which will go to the person that suggests the winning name for my new Block of the Month Quilt.

mexican tiles BOM final
Here is how this one works. Each block will be available for 1 month for free.  After 30 days a new block will be posted and the old one will be removed.  Past blocks may be purchased on my website for $3.50 each.  I will not honor any email requests for missed blocks.
Newsletter subscribers will also receive a link to the free block, plus a bonus block each month available only to newsletter subscribers.  The sashing and border blocks and instructions will only be available to newsletter subscribers.
Here is Block #1:
Block 1

 I am doing my sample in batiks with a few prints mixed in.  I would love to see what colors and fabrics you will do yours in.  The blocks are 8” squares, and the finished quilt measures 43” x 53” – a nice throw size or large wall size quilt.
With the additional bonus blocks, subscribers will be able to make a much larger quilt.

Bonus blocks will not be posted on my blog or sold on my website.  They are available ONLY to newsletter subscribers.  Not a subscriber?  Click the button on the left and sign up. Smile

Fine Print:  My work is protected by copyright.  You may make one copy for yourself for personal use only.  Absolutely no other use may be made of this pattern without the written consent of Morning Glory Designs.  Do not share copies with your friends, post on any digital media, print multiple copies, or any other form of distribution.  Your friends are welcome to download their own copy.  This pattern may not be used by guilds or small groups without permission.  I cannot continue to provide free BOMs unless these copyright conditions are met.  Thank you for understanding and cooperating.