Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Today is usually my least favorite day of April. . . .You know, April 15, tax day.  But this year we have an extension to file until July, and you can be sure I am taking advantage of that extension.

But this year several things have made the day better.  The weather is fine, my federal assistance check was direct deposited, and I am working up some new designs.  But most of all. . .

Block 4 of my Southwest Sunrise BOM is released today!  Woot Woot!!

You can purchase block 4 HERE.

This guy is really kinda cute, but it is also a very relevant block for this month given the health crisis we are facing in our country.  

Hope you were able to pick up the free daffodil block I shared in my last post.  It will only be available for a few more days and then I will put up another free block.

Like so many other quilters, I am making face masks for my family and friends.  It has been fun going through my fabric stash to find just the right fabric for everyone.

Of course, I am going FULL MINGO with my mask, but I made one with fish and ducks for the Hubs.  He likes it, I think, but I think he would be more likely to wear it if I had made it out of camo fabric.  Then he could wear it during hunting season.  

But the only camo fabric I have is MINKY camo.  I thought of using it.  Do you think he would like that fuzzy on his face???  Hmmmm.  Not so much. 

Hope you are doing well, staying safe and healthy, and wearing your mask when you go out.  Better yet,  STAY HOME.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Free Quilt Block #2 Daffodil. . .cuz they are blooming in my yard

I love Daffodils!  So bright yellow and orange in my flower bed.  They make me happy!  Isn't it fun how simple things bring us joy?

Here is one for you, and this one will never wilt!

Here are a few ways to use this block in small projects.  How about this sweet three-block table runner.  Wouldn't this look adorable on your table?

Or this one with four blocks?

I would love to see how you use this beautiful daffodil block.  Want to see more daffodils in quilts?

This is a different daffodil block using the same table runner pattern as the one above.

Oh what the heck, this one just went a little wonky!  Can't help myself some times.  hehe

This wall quilt is called Daffodil Darling, and is on sale this month on my website.

So is this Daffodil Table Runner

Be Happy, Enjoy the Daffodils.

Monday April 6 LIVE Trunk Show at Morning Glory Designs

April 6

5pm EST Reeze Hanson  (4 pm Central Time)

April 7

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show

Want to see some amazing quilts? 
 Join us for the Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show.  

Designers all over the country are using Facebook Live to give you great 15 minute trunk shows every hour for 10 days!

Here is the schedule.  Click the link and join us for some great Quilt Candy.

Please note:  Times are Eastern Standard Time.
12 pm Eastern is:
 11 am Central Time
10 am Mountain Time
9 am Pacific Time

Click on the Links to go to each Facebook page.

April 1

April 2

April 3

April 4

April 5

April 6

April 9

April 10