Saturday, July 2, 2016

"CORRECTED" July Row Available for Seminole Sampler

Whoot whoot - hold the phone!  There was an error in the pattern and my wonderful reader Loretta discovered that something was wrong and let me know.  THANK YOU!

CLICK HERE to download the corrected pattern for free!

Time for another row in the Seminole Sampler BOM.  Whoooo Hoooo!  These really are fun to design and sew.  Writing the patterns for them are a bit of a challenge, however.  :-)  This month you get two rows, actually, although they are essentially the same.  They are spacer rows between to bigger rows of blocks, but they are still done in the Seminole piecing technique and they are integral to the design.

Here are the two Dog Tooth Bands for Row 7.

The orange and black band with the blue top strip goes between rows 3 and 4 in the Seminole Sampler Quilt Design.

The yellow and black band with the purple bottom strip goes between rows 6 and 8.  There is actually a third dog tooth spacer, but it will be part of Row 9, along with the row 9 band.

So if you have been following the BOM and making the rows as we go along, you can now join rows 1-7.  Here is what it should look like.

Hope you are having fun with this project.  It's not too late to buy the fabric kits for this quilt from

I am starting to think about ideas for next year's free block of the month.  Got a suggestion?  Leave a comment with your idea and you will be entered for this month's drawing for a free jelly roll!  Have a great July!