Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Patterns Coming

The Countdown to Retirement has begun, and with that in mind, I am becoming re-energized and started designing again.  That whole nasty tax thing had me in a blue funk all winter and spring, but with summer I am feeling better, and ready to work on more quilt projects.

This week I have been finishing up the blanket stitching on my vintage sampler blocks.  I want to have that quilt put together soon so I can start marketing the whole pattern at Quilt Market this year.  I posted Block 34 on my BOM Page today – and will be putting out the remaining 8 blocks this June and July.   If you have been wanting to complete your collection of all the blocks, they will all be released by August 1.
Block 34 Tulip Basket block

Here are a few of the patterns I am going to be working on. 
This Iris Quilt will be appearing in THE QUILT PATTERN MAGAZINE Starting in December as a block of the month.  If you subscribe to this completely online magazine you will get all the installments as downloadable PDF files.
I will offer an alternate applique version of this quilt to my newsletter subscribers next year.

I have redesigned the border in my Midnight Posies BOM and it is now available on my website.  I wanted a pieced border to make it easier for beginners, who expressed some chagrin about doing an applique vine border.
Another new pattern will be another version (or two) of my diamond argyle quilts which were really popular.  Two new versions are called Indian Blanket (on top)  and Winking Diamonds (the last one).  If you have a favorite let me know in a comment and you could win a copy of the pattern!

My Flower Dance BOM is about to get finished as well.  I completed all the blocks and am starting on the sashing and borders.  There are still kits available for this Block of the Month in simply yummy batiks.  If you are interested in picking those up let me know and I will get you started.  Here are the blocks so far:
Stay tuned for more new designs coming.  I am working on a gray, white and red compass block quilt which looks incredibly modern but it is actually a reproduction of a very early 19th century vintage quilt.  The patter will be foundation pieces so it should be easier than it looks to make!  HAHAHA
One last thing.  My page counter is getting closer every day to 300,000 hits.  If you leave a comment on my blog about which of these designs you think I should bring out first, on the day the counter hits 300,000 I will give a free pattern to 10 randomly selected commenters!  You can’t lose with a give-away like that!!
Thanks for hanging in there with me this year.  It has been a tough year for me but it looks like things will be getting better.  Thanks for all the wonderful notes and wishes so many of you have sent.  Everyone of them was special and helped me overcome a monumental case of the blues.