Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EQ7 is Coming Soon

If you have EQ6 and want to upgrade to the new version of EQ7 that will come out the beginning of June, now is the time to purchase it.  As an EQ retailer I can offer you a great price on upgrades from EQ6 as well as full programs. 

This great price is only available until May 31 and then the regular price of $89.95 for the upgrade and $189.95 for the full version will kick in.  If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy of the new EQ7 at the reduced price please send me an email and I will give you the prices and shipping details.  I will accept checks and pay pal but only until May 31.  EQ tells us they will ship starting June 7.

If you have ever wanted to purchase Electric Quilt design software, or want to upgrade, you will never get a better price than the pre-order price EQ is offering to its retailers.  Email me at reezehanson (at) hotmail.com if you are interested or want to know prices.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Current Projects

I have completed several projects in the past few weeks, but have not posted much since I have been sick with pneumonia.  I am finally starting to feel a bit better and am ready to try to get back to my normal schedule. . .hmmm, do I have a normal schedule?
Recently I did a commission for a blue willow table runner.  I just love making these and this one was especially fun to make and quilt.IMGP3607
You can see the McTavishing I did in ends in the first photo.  I really love doing that.

In the next photo you can see the whole quilt.  I don’t have much blue willow fabric left, but I still have lots of the stripe medallions.  I bought a bolt of that last year from a quilt shop in IMGP3610Texas. but the regular blue and white print is pretty scarce.  Last time I saw some on eBay it sold for $150.00 for two yards.  Egad!
I have also been working on the next two sets of blocks for my Sylvia’s bridal sampler quilt.  I will post those pictures as soon as I get the blocks finished and pictures taken.
My April Sweat Pea quilt just came back from Keepsake Quilting Catalog so watch for that pattern being offered in their next issue.  I am very excited to finally get one of my patterns in their catalog.  Also watch for another of my patterns coming in the October issue of Quilter’s World magazine.  It will be a great fall sunflower pattern called Spinning Sunflowers.  I am finally getting some of my work published in magazines and books this year and trying to finish up my Charming Botanicals Series.  I just sent the March pattern off to the publisher and will start working on the last two, May and June this month. 
Before I got sick I had planned to have all my pattern quilts professionally photographed to redo my pattern covers.  That got derailed when I went into the hospital.  Now that I am recovering I am going to get back to that project and have those quilts photographed by a local photographer whose wife is a quilter!!  Look for lots of new things coming in my blog including the next BOM block coming soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Block 5 Tulip Tiles Free Block of the Month is Posted

Block 5 is now available for Free on the  BOM page of this blog.  See the tabs at the top, and click on the Tulip Tiles BOM page.  Be sure to download and print the pattern while it is available for the next two months.

This has been a tough week for me.  I started feeling bad last weekend and thought I had the flu.  It turned out to be first bronchitis and then pneumonia, 2 trips to the ER later.  I went into the hospital Thursday evening and finally managed to come home Sunday morning feelling weak as a kitten, but slightly better than before I went in.  Despite a whole week off of work, I was not able to get any sewing done.  Not sure this week will be any better as I am taking it very easy while I recuperate.

But spring is here, everthing in my yard is in bloom, and I am determined to at least enjoy the weather while I am home. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heatland Quilt Network

Yesterday was a really good day!  I attended the Heartland Quilt Network Annual Meeting in Lenexa, KS and had such a good time networking with other professional designers and teachers, and meeting people from Quilt Guilds in the region (Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska).  Nancy Wakefield does a wonderful job as President of this group, and so many talented and dedicated quilters participate.  Wow, it was wonderful to connect! 

This organization is a networking group to link up speakers and guilds, quilt shops and teachers, quilt professionals and clients.  No vending takes place, it is just to share information!  I got four bookings from
quilt guilds to lecture at their meetings, and several teaching opportunities as well.

Lots of people asked what I lecture about so I thought I would put my list here in case any of you were curious.  Blogs are great networking tools as well.

EQ6 - Designing Quilts and Blocks on the Computer

The Hexagon and Beyond:  Its not just your Grandmother's Flower Garden

Color Confidence for Quilters: Or How to Trust Your Hunches

The 21st Century Quilting Bee:  Online Quilt Communities

You Said WHAT!?!? Communication for Quilters

Odd Blocks: Settings that Rock with Blocks That are Different Sizes

Here is a picture of my Booth at the Meeting.  I really didn't know what to bring since it was my first time attending, and I got lots of great ideas from other booths all over the room.

I would love to know if there are any other networks like this in the quilting community in other regions of the country or even in other countries.  It is such an incredible resource.   Here are some pictures of some of the other booths at the meeting.

Deanna of Rose Cottage Quilts

Barb Eikmeier "A is for Applique"

Libby Wallis and Petunia (in the hat)

Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction & The Vintage Workshop

MeadowLyon Designs

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Look!

How do you like the "New Look" of my blog?  I thought it needed something lighter, and more spring-like to reflect all the great projects I am working on.  I would love your feedback on it.  The best part is that there is now a separate page just for my new Block Of The Month.  Won't that make it easy to find?  And I have lots of other great ideas planned for the blog this spring as I get back in the swing of things after being a way for a few weeks.

I just got back from a wonderful Quilt Retreat and you can see pictures of all the incredible projects that all the girls worked on HERE.  Wow did they ever get a lot done.

I nearly finished work on my next pattern:  March Daffodils!!  I am so excited about it.  Quilt Woman.com will be publishing it this spring, so look for it on her website in the next month or so.  Here are a few glimpses at the work in progress!

It turned out to be HUGE for a table runner.  About 24" across by nearly 75" long.  It will take a mightly long table to accomodate this beastie.  But I just love the yellow and green.  It is just like the daffodils blooming in my yard today.  These pictures show the completed top.

Here is a closeup of the daffodil block.  It is super easy to piece traditionally or to paper piece.  The daffodil trumpet is appliqued and the ruffled edge is ric-rac.  It was so much fun to make.  And the cool thing about it is. . . .it was super easy to do.!

Most of the quilt is just stitched in the ditch, but I had fun designing and quilting a vine and daffodil border.  Here is a little glimpse.  I quilted in in a wonderful variagated lime green thread.  You can just see the fun daffodil patterned fabric I used for the backing.  I am working on the instructions now and hope to finishe them this weekend! 

And guess what?  I am really excited about this.  One of my quilt patterns will be featured in the Keepsake Quilters Catalog!!  As soon as I get the final word on that I will let you know.  Want a hint?  Look at my April Pattern on my Website. Hehehe.

Much more to come soon!!