Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Free BOM for 2012

It finally time to reveal the new Block of the Month I have planned for 2012.  It has been months in the planning and I am getting ready to start sewing.  I will be sewing along with all of you on this project, as I am making 2 different versions.  Ok, getting ahead of myself.
It all started about 6 months ago when I saw an absolutely stunning applique signature quilt from the 20’s 30’s on eBay.  I fell instantly in love with this quilt and tried to buy it but the price was waaaay out of my range! What I did get was a picture of the quilt and the crazy idea to make an adaptation of it from the picture.  Oh my!  What a challenge that was.  The picture was poor quality and low resolution and many of the blocks were difficult or impossible to see in the photo.
I started researching 30’s signature quilts and amassed a wealth of information on the type of blocks, fabrics, and even the signatures used in these old quilts.  I was able to recreate many of the blocks from this old quilt and fill in with additional blocks from the 1920-30’s.  It was a fun project and one I just couldn’t let go of until I had the whole thing drawn.  So finally, here are all 42 blocks of the 2012 Block of the Month:  Vintage Floral Sampler! 
vintage sampler reproduction
It is all applique, and my patterns will be given in 2 parts.  You will be able to download a full sized applique placement guide of each of the 9” floral blocks.  Then I provide full sized REVERSED templates for use with fusible web. Throughout the spring I will be posting instructions and tutorials on my blog on how to do fused machine applique.  Of course you can adapt it to whatever form of applique you prefer.
I will be making one of my models using Moda Bella Solids and the other using batiks.  I have several wonderful pattern testers who are busy making up blocks in other fabrics and color ways and their work is just wonderful.  Wait till you see their samples!!
My newsletter subscribers will get a special bonus:  For each block I have designd a “crossing block” – four motifs arranged in a crossing or “X” style in a 12” block size.  I have also done a 16” wreath block featuring a variation of each block using 6 repeats of the basic motif.  These are really stunning and would be a great project for intermediate and advanced quilters.  These special block patterns will be available free ONLY to my newsletter subscribers.  Others may purchase these block patterns from my website.
Now here are the rules which govern this year’s BOM.
I love to design and share my work but it reflects literally hundreds of hours of my time.  I will ask that you respect the requests I make for the use of my work. 
  • I will release two blocks each month – one on the first of the month and the second on the 15th of the month. 
  • Each pattern will be available for free for 30 days only.  Once removed, blocks will be available for purchase on my website
  • They may be downloaded and printed for personal or charitable use only.  You may not print and share them with others, but you are free to direct others to my blog or website ( where they will be able to download a copy for themselves. 
  • These patterns are copyrighted and may not be sold or used for commercial purposes of any kind without the specific written consent of Reeze Hanson.
  • Patterns will only be available as downloadable PDF files and requests to receive patterns by email will not be honored.  You will need to download a current version of Adobe Reader (available for free) to open and use these files.
  • I encourage you to share the link to this BOM and post a picture on your blog, website, or Facebook page.  Here is the picture and link:  (copy and paste the picture and link as a gadget on your blog)
Of course I want to start off my new BOM with a Bang!!

so I will do a Give-Away! 

  1. Leave a comment on this post and you are entered to win a Free Pattern of your Choice!! 
  2. Leave a comment stating that you have placed a link on your blog or website (include URL) and you will be entered to win a Free Fat Quarter Pack!!
Thanks so much for participating in my 2012 BOM.  Watch for details of Monthly give-aways and other freebies associated with this BOM.  Most of all

Happy New Years
from Morning Glory Designs

Saturday, December 24, 2011

February Issue of Quilters World -- 2 Quilts!!

 The February 2012 Issue of Quilters World is on the News Stands and there are 2 of my patterns in this month's issue!! 
You have seen these before on my blog but it is always so fun to see them in print.  The first was made by my super good friend Peggy Hartnett of Powell, OH -- who despite quite a lot of "complaining" about the difficulty of this pattern, put it together beautifully!!

Brenda Weien's fabulous quilting is featured on this quilt as well.  And I gotta tell you, it is really pretty.  I wish I could keep it, but its going back to Peggy who did the real work on this one.  The design was adapted from an old quilt I saw on ebay.  McCalls Quilting was interested in a full size version of this runner, but eventually ruled it out as being too difficult for their readers.  Well, I never!!  I think McCalls readers can paper piece with the best of them!!  The tough part of this quilt is getting the right color on the right piece.  But then. . . there are only 2 colors so you pretty much can't go wrong. . . well, ok, you can, but not if you are careful.

See Peggy, they even printed your NAME!!!!

The other quilt in this issue is a simple Irish Chain runner that I designed just for the fun of it.  The fabric line is Farmhouse Retreat by Andover Fabrics,  and it worked up very easily. 
This is a much easier quilt to piece, as long as you follow the color placement instructions on the strip piecing.  I just love designing quilts that challenge the eye as well as the quilter.  But they are really simple techniques that any careful quilter can do.  That's the fun of designing for me.  Make it look complicated but make it super easy.
 And of course, Brenda's quilting adds the 'piece du resistance'!!  Check out her curved cross hatching around the inner edges.  She just amazes me.  By the way, Brenda does a regular feature for "On Track" magazine (now edited by my good bud Kathi Eubank) where she reviews new gizmos and gadgets for long arm quilters.  She does a great job testing and talking about new rulers and thing-em-a-bobs on the market.  Congrats to Brenda (and Kathi)!!!
 And hang on because the new 2012 BOM is just about ready to start.  I am soooooo excited about this quilt.  I have been working on this pattern for months and months, it seems, and it is almost ready to begin.  I have a group of really great pattern testers, Jean, Ellen, Charlene, and Linda's "Second Tuesday" Quilters who have been making blocks and testing the patterns, fabrics, and helping me refine the block designs.  Their input has been invaluable, and wait till you see their blocks!!!  They are just fabulous.

One last item for this post.  I just have to show you these wonderful table runners made by Betty King, who won a great set of fat quarters as part of the 2011 Jewels BOM monthly give-away.  Look at these three incredible table runners Betty made from her winning FQ's.

 Didn't she do a fabulous job??  Thanks so much Betty.  You totally rock.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Morning Glory Designs

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Thanksgiving Tale

It all started when I cut off the tops of the celery a few days before Thanksgiving, and without thinking, put them in the sink disposal.  It doesn’t like celery, I know this, but I was in a cooking frenzy and just did not think.  Besides, it was only tops from 2 stalks – the curly leafy parts, not the stringy stalky parts, and I figured I was ok.

The next day, dh tells me the sink is not draining right.  I sigh, and blithely say, “oh really?”  He fishes around in there and pulls out strands of celery and says, “SOMEONE must have put celery in here!”  Of course I always confess my transgressions.  “Hmmm, must have been me, Rockie can’t reach the sink.” Rockie is our 105lb yellow lab, who really could reach the sink if he wanted to.  I humbly accepted blame and went on to my sewing room.  It is never wise to be in the same room with a man who has tools or who puts his hand down the disposal.

A few minutes later he came in showing me a blue rubber “thingy” asking me if I knew what it was.  That never bodes well.  Spare parts are a sure sign he has been mucking around where he should not.  “Nope,” I reply, and he has the good sense to set it on the windowsill in the event that when things turn tragic (and of course they will) he can always go back and get the blue rubber thingy and say, “Ohhhhhh, that’s were that goes.”

Chapter 1:
It is Thanksgiving Morning and I have a defrosting turkey on the counter, stuffing in a bowl (I was careful to put the celery tops in the trash), breakfast burritos cooking on the stove, bread toasting in the oven, and cranberries going in the blender.  The mixer is beating sugar and butter for a chocolate pie and I am smashing vanilla wafers for a crust.  Dh walks in and says with a completely straight face, “are you going to need the sink today?”  I was picturing how he would look with a stick of butter protruding from each ear and a bag of frozen corn plastered to his face, when I composed myself and with an equally straight face replied, “um, yes, I need the sink today.”  I left the “I am cooking a stinkin’ thanksgiving dinner in here in case you hadn’t noticed,” unsaid.  He replied, “well, you can use the sink, but don’t run any water.”

OK, I am thinking, that’s no problem, as I am mentally dumping cranberry sauce down his shorts.  Thankfully my son comes in at just this moment with a jar of super Drano and a drain auger.  Ahhh, a man with tools.  Eric’s girlfriend, Jess and I vacate the kitchen, with a bottle of Moscato, to sit on the porch while the reaming of my kitchen sink progresses.  Now you already know that this will not turn out well, don’t you?  So Jess and I sit on the back porch – it was a beautiful sunny warm day – drinking wine as we chit chat, when all of a sudden I hear the drain auger engage.  I am thinking Jean Luke Picard is in my kitchen, standing behind man and boy saying with a pointing finger. . . .”engage.”

This is a good noise I tell myself, until I look up, with a perfect view of the window over the sink, and see the end of the drain auger descending from the roof!  How the hell. . . . heck. . . I say to myself!?!?  I shout into the kitchen, “the end of that thingy is descending from the roof.  Is it supposed to do that?”  I know, women should never have to ask stupid questions like that because we already KNOW it’s not supposed to do that, but you often have to humor men.  Because I simply couldn’t stop the words as they came out of my mouth I uttered, “I don’t think the clog is in the vent pipe.”  I know, pure selfish indulgence.

So up goes the end of the auger thingy, back down the vent pipe and up into the sink drain.  When we see the auger dangling once again from the eaves, we can't suppress our mirth, and by this time Jess and I are laughing so hard that we are crossing our legs.  That only serves to cement the intentions of the men to make a bigger mess than they first planned.  Alas, I am pretty sure it was worth it.  Soon the auger comes out onto the back porch where we are sitting, no, not through the drain this time.  We are told it must air dry.  And of course everyone knows there is no air in the garage!!!

I am afraid to ask if the drain is unclogged.  But I am told that the water is running smoothly down the drain. In a normal household that would bode well. 

Chapter 2:
Oh no dear reader, you didn’t think it was fixed, did you?  Silly you.  No, we now all troop outside to trace the odd sound of dripping water and assemble "en masse" in the backyard, outside the kitchen window, watching water pour from the vinyl siding.  I am thinking to myself (dare not say it out loud), "is that normal for vinyl siding?"

Nope, drain is not only still plugged, but now the water line in the wall is busted and pouring water out through the siding to the ground below.  Hmmmm, I am thinking.  I would have called the plumber about $200 worth of damage ago.  But not my intrepid “we can fix it” husband and son.  They want to be sure it is broken beyond repair and sure to cost twice as much to fix before they consider calling a plumber. 

I do have to give my son a bit of credit, however.  He did mention that it might be a good idea to “call someone.”  I did not hear what my husband responded to that comment (I was too busy fleeing the scene in case the celery was mentioned)  but I am pretty sure it was something like, “heck no, we still have a lot more damage to cause on the biggest cooking day of the year before we call someone.”  Jess and I  retreated to the kitchen, stood there looking at each other, every cleaning product in the world interspersed between all our cooking efforts, wondering if we should call out for Chinese. 

With the last of the draino running down the siding killing the grass below it, we felt we might as well plow onward and stuff the bird.  What the heck, "we don't need no stinking sink" (in my best John Wayne accent) to fix Thanksgiving dinner.

Now I know where the term “slop bucket” comes from.

Dinner turned out fine, the turkey was delicious, the stuffing was perfect, the cranberry and cream cheeze appetizer that Jess made was to die for, and the chocolate pie was a wonderful as always.  Thank goodness THAT part of the day was not a disaster. 

All in all, it was a memorable and fun Thanksgiving.  Always good to have the kids home for holidays.  Just so you know, dh washed the dishes that night in the bathroom sink and rinsed them in the shower.  I put my feet up and finished off the moscato.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving.

Epilogue:  Just in case you were curious about how this whole thing turned out, on Black Friday (so aptly named for once) husband called 2 plumbers, both of whom were enjoying a work-free holiday weekend.  Busted drain and mess remain, until sometime next week.  Dishes remain stacked in the shower.  And I am downstairs in my studio working on a quilt.  And my dh is indeed a lucky man.  Snatched from the claws of death yet again by quilt therapy.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Final BOM Block of 2011 posted

The final installment of the 2011 BOM is now posted.  It includes the SIX borders in the Jewels in the Crown Quilt.  I can't wait to see pictures of your finished quilts.

The winner from this month's JEWELSBOM Flicker Group is:

and her incredible quilt top put together (except for the borders!)

Look at her amazing pieced setting and corner triangles.  And I just love the colors she used in her blocks and sashing.  Becky you win a Charm Pack and a free subscription to the complete BOM for 2012!!!! (send me your snail addy so I can send you your prize!)  But your best prize is owning that incredible quilt!

Don't you think her quilt looks absolutely amazing!!!!  WOW.

A runner up winner, just cuz I love her adaptation, is
Sue F 
and here is a picture of her quilt.

Sue chose to do solid setting and corner triangles (and who can blame her!?!?)  and I think they look just great!  Sue also wins a Charm pack and a subscription to the 2012 BOM.

Thanks to Sue and Becky for playing along all year!  That is some dedication and I am grateful to you both for posting pictures of your almost completed tops.  WOW

So click on over to the JEWELS BOM page (see those tabs at the top??) and pick up your free finishing instructions for this quilt, available ONLY during the month of december.  If you haven't downloaded your free sashing and setting instructions/patterns yet please do so by November 30.  After that they will be available for purchase on my website:

Hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.

NOTE:  And no, our outdoor Christmas lights do not go up during these balmy November days.  My husband prefers to wait until the temperatures plummets, ice coats the laddar, and frigid winds begin to blow before he ventures outside for that little chore.  I can only guess it gets him in the holiday spirit more???)  :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am a Guest Blogger on "Sew We Quilt"

Wasn't I suprised to get an invite to be a guest blogger on the INFAMOUS

 Sew We Quilt Blog by Madam Samm!!! 

She invited me to do an EQ7 tutorial and I decided to do one showing how I draw the blocks for my new 2012 FREE Block of the Month.

Tune in to her blog TODAY, November 21, to see my tut on drawing the Periwinkle Flower.


I also will be showing how I turn that single flower block into a WREATH using the EQ7 WreathMaker tool.


Ohh, and come back here and leave a comment and you will be entered to win a complete set of patterns for the 2012 BOM! 

Now if I was an infomercial I would say, "AND THAT'S NOT ALL. . . "

In addition to the 42 single flower blocks, all 42 crossing blocks, and all 42 wreath blocks, you get complete finishing instructions!  (Sort of makes you want to get out your Sham Wow! or Slap Chop and sing along doesn't it?)  LOL 

As always, thanks for following along.  You are the best!


Monday, October 31, 2011

BOM Sashings and Setting Triangles

It's time to put all 13 blocks together into a quilt top and this month's FREE BOM includes the directions and foundation patterns for the sashing and setting triangles.

Click on the BOM PAGE and download your free patterns.  They will only be available for free during the month of  November so be sure to print off this pattern right away.

Please post pictures of your blocks on the JEWELS BOM Flicker page.  I have a FREE Moda Charm Pack for this Month's Winner!!!  Hemming House by Brannock & Patek for Moda.

It is so inspiring to see what everyone is doing.  Your colors and fabrics are so yummy.  I just love all the different versions of the blocks, and the way you personalize the colors and patterns to make them uniquely yours!

I just got back from a quilting retreat and wanted to share a few pictures with you from the retreat.  I didn't get as many things done as I hoped.  Do we ever??  Haha 

But here is something I did complete.  It is a Blue Willow Teapot Quilt I did as a commission.  I am not all that pleased with the proportions and arrangement of elements in this quilt and plan to re-do it. 
I want to resize and move the lower text further down and increase the size of the upper text, moving it upward. The lid and handle of the teapot don't show up and I need to outline them in darker thread so they are visible.  And the birds just don't look right to me.  Maybe I need to simplify them or move them above the welcome.  Just not sure.  Any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vending in Blue Springs and KC Northland

The last few weekends I had the privilege of vending at two local quilt shows.  It is so fun to see so many fabulous quilts and see so many quilters out enjoying them.  I had fun talking to people in my booth and selling patterns too.  Quilters are the best the people. 

It was fun to be able to display my newest quilt, one that is in the OCTOBER 2100 issue of Quilter's World.  The Bath of Apolausis, just came back from the publisher.

Everyone commented that it looked better in person than in the magazine.  I think I agree, especially since Brenda's quilting is really worth seeing up close!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

BOM Blocks 12 and 13 Posted

The final blocks in the Jewels in the Crown Block of the Month are ready! Wander on over to the Free BOM tab at the top of the page and pick up your free blocks. Remember, they are only available for 2 months and then they go on sale on my website.
Block 13 Topaz & Lapis
Color way 1

Block 13 Colorway 2

Block 12 Rose Quartz

If you sign up for my newsletter (see the left side of the blog near the top for the simple sign up form) you will receive 2 different ways to finish this BOM!!  Only one will be posted on my blog.  Only subscribers received the second (and more elaborate) colorway.

Work is progressing on the 2012 BOM!!  I am flying along in the design process and collecting fabrics to start working on blocks.  I am still looking for  pattern testers, so let me know if you are interested and I will send you the details.

Hope you are enjoying the cooler Fall temperatures like we are in Kansas!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sneak Preview

I am so excited.  I am always excited when I am working on a new design.  Yup this is the design for my Free 2012 BOM!  Wow, I can't resist sharing a few hints with you.
  • I love vintage quilts
  • I love floral quilts
  • I love sampler quilts
  • I love those wonderful 30's solid colors (you know, like Kona cottons and Moda Bella Solids)
So of course the new BOM will be the re-creation of a vintage floral sampler, circa 1920-30, in wonderful pastel (and a few bright) solids.

But wait. . . there will be at least three versions of each block!!  There will be a beginner, intermediate, and an advanced version of each block -- you can choose!   Blog readers will receive the beginner block for free for a month! If you are subscriber to my newsletter you will get all three for free for a month.  How is that for an incentive??  :-)  Big cheesy grin!

The new BOM will start in January so now is a great time to start taking advantage of sales on those Kona Cottons and Bella Solids.  Or you might want to use 30's prints!!  They would be adorable in this quilt.  Or be wild and use batiks!!

Of course the patterns will all be written for fusible machine applique.  But you can adapt the pattern to your favorite method.

OK, have I got you excited yet???  Whooo hooo.  I have about a dozen of the the blocks done already and am working on settings.  Oh, did I mention there will be 42 blocks???  Oops, another slip there.  hehehe -- and since there will be at least 3 versions of each block that means there will be roughly 126 blocks to choose from for your sampler quilt.  Whew, I must be nuts.

This is a project I have wanted to do for a long time, and now I can't wait to get going on it.  I have my fabrics all picked out.  (Remember the applecores?)
I've added a few more greens and blues to this pile since I took the picture.

Hope you will join me in January for the FREE 2012 Vintage Floral Sampler BOM!

Friday, September 2, 2011

BOM Blocks 10 and 11 Posted!

Block 11 Tiger Eye
Two more Block of the Month Blocks were posted for September!  Yup, they are free for 2 months.  Click on the links on the BLOCK OF THE MONTH page and download your free pattern.  If you missed any of the blocks so far you can get them on my Website for $3.00 each.  Or if you can't wait, you can purchase the whole pattern set.
Block 10 Shimmering Hourglass
I am working on my FREE BOM for 2012 and I gotta say it is really going to be fun.  I am going back to doing applique for this one.  But fear not, all the instructions will be for easy fusible machine applique.  I have been researching old floral applique samplers and I found a wonderful old turn of the century sampler that I will be recreating with modern fabrics and techniques.  The original quilt has 42 blocks!!! 

 Here is a sample of one of the blocks that will appear in the new BOM.  This quilt will be made with Bella Solids by Moda.
1930s Colors Bella Solids Fat Quarter Bundle 9900AB-231930s Colors Bella Solids Charm Pack SKU# 9900PP-23

To make this project extra special, I will be offering 12 blocks on my blog for free, and the remaining blocks will be available for free only to my Newsletter Subscribers.  It is free to subscribe to my newsletter, and those who do, will received an additional free block with each issue!  I can't wait to share this wonderful new BOM with you.  Sign up for my newsletter HERE.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thinking About Christmas in August

I recently had the privilege to design some sample quilts using a new line of fabric coming out from Fabri-Quilt this fall.  What fun!  Their new Marblehead line by Ro Gregg is worth waiting for.  And is right up my alley!!  Similar to Northcott’s Stonehenge line, this has wonderful colors and textures.   I could play with this line for months and never run our of ideas!  LOL. 

Oh Wait. . . .let me start by saying my new pattern, Bath of Apolausis is coming out this month in the October issue of Quilter’s World.


This next picture is from the magazine.  I downloaded it from their digital issue which just came out on their website.  I had to laugh when I saw this page.  Not only is there a whole picture of the Bath quilt but the other twoOctober_11_issue pictures in the ad are both my quilts!  LOL The cover quilt on their April issue is my Romantic Posies Table Mat and the pattern illustration below is my Roses Around Bed Runner Pattern!  WOW

OK, now to move on to the new stuff.  Not sure where these will end up.  Likely I will publish some of these.  Fabri-Quilt used several as promotional models for their fabric line.  Here are a few of the ones I designed.  For some reason that sort of have an “eastern” and “southwestern” feel to them.   I was exploring the possibilities of using just two blocks and creating lots of different looks based on rotating and color blocks.  Tell me what you think?

Then I did another series of quilts using the Marblehead Christmas fabrics that I based on a quilt I designed for my friend Kathi some years ago for a BOB (bag o’ blocks) that I put together for here.  Here are a few of those.

Then I worked on some more fun and whimsical patterns using Ro Gregg’s new Calypso line.  That was a bit more challenge but still fun.  They selected one of them for Fall Market, so I will keep that one a secret.  Here are a few of the designs they didn’t select.  I sort of like these better!  LOL

Ok, I am looking at these saying to myself.  So. . . what is my style?  Oh wow, what a great give-away question.  Leave a comment and describe “my style.”  I need to be able to put it on my website and can’t really decide IF I have a style. . .LOL

A free Morning Glory Designs Pattern of your choice goes to the best description of “my style.”  Contest ends Sept 3, in one week.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Correction BOM 8

There is a small correction in the BOM Block 8 instructions.  I have fixed the error and uploaded a corrected version of the instrucions.  Please go to the BOM page and download the instructions again if you already got them so you have the correction.  [Step 6 should say red "rectangle" instead of red triangle.]

Thanks to Barbara Kious who spotted that mistake!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Winners in New Website Signup Contest

I just love announcing winners and my random number generator pulled three numbers from among the 50!!! quilters who signed up for my newsletter on my NEW and IMPROVED website!  Whoo Hoo

So here they are:

1. Winner of a pattern of her choice:  Jeanette Hansen
2. Winner of a complete BOM of her choice: Debbie Harmon
3. Winner of the 2 charm packs is: Ingrid Mulder

Congratulations to our three lucky winners!!!  And thanks to all of you who entered.  You are all winners because everyone who signed up for my newsletter in August will receive a 20% off saving coupon on any of my patterns, and a 10% off savings coupon for any EQ products!! 

Please contact me to arrange for the shipment or download of your patterns and prizes!!

I so appreciate all of you who checked out my new website, provided me with encouraging comments, and even a few people who helped me correct a couple typos and broken links.  I so appreciate all those sharp eyes checking for errors.  It really helps to know that I have so many proof readers!  LOL

And in September, I will be doing another give away as I bring several new patterns onboard on my website.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My New Website is LIVE!!!

It is finally ready.  My long awaited NEW and IMPROVED website is up!  I am so thrilled with all the new things it will do.  Mostly, it displays my patterns and programs in a much more accessible format.  Please go take a look.

Why, you ask??  Well, not only am I really proud of my new site, but if you go there and join my mailing list you will be hooked up for a great give away!!  3 winners will be selected from among those who sign up for my Newsletter/Mailing List.  What am I giving away?

  • winner #1 will get their choice of any pattern on my site FREE
  • winner # 2 will get a complete Block of the Month set of patterns FREE
  • winner #3 will get 2 -- count em -- two Moda Charm Packs: "Hemming House" and "Roman Holiday"
This is a fun way to see my new site, hear about all my upcoming events and patterns, and quite possibly nab some great free goodies!  Give away will close on August 15 so now is a GREAT time to wander over, look around, sign up for my newsletter (of course I never share your info with anyone!).  Since each month's newsletter will have a special coupon in it, it might be worth getting!  Whoo Hooo.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New BOM blocks posted

BIG NEWS this month!!!

First, Jewels in the Crown BOM is doubling up!  This month I am posting 2 blocks!  I know, its like an end of summer bonus!!!  But I want to get all the borders for this quilt in before the end of the year so I needed to double up on a few blocks.

Block 8 is Glowing Sceptor and Block 9 is Carnelian and Ruby.  Instructions and optional foundation patterns are available FREE for 2 months (August 1 to October 1).

Block 8: Glowing Sceptor
Block 9: Carnelian & Ruby

Next, post a picture of your completed blocks 8 and 9 on the JEWELSBOM Flickr site and be entered to win a free patterns and Fat Quarter Pack.  I got a little behind on this during the spring, but all the prize packs have now been sent out and I am ready to start up again.

So here are the winners for May, June and July:

May: Swalla2011 is the Winner!!!!!
Send me your snail mail address so I can send you your free pattern and Fat Quarter Pack!!

 June: Sassymisspeanut is the Winner!!!!

Send me your snail mail address so I can send you your free pattern and Fat Quarter Pack!!

July:   Quiltyjen is the Winner!!!!

Send me your snail mail address so I can send you your free pattern and Fat Quarter Pack!!

Congratulations to the summer winners!!  I am just thrilled by the colors you use and the gorgeous blocks you create.  Please be sure to post pictures of completed blocks for the 2 August blocks as there will be a DOUBLE PRIZE PACK for the August Winner!


I am having my website rebuilt and it is going to be spectacular!! Want a sneak peek??

It will be going live the beginning of next week and I am so excited about it.  It will have SOOOO much more functionality, much easier shopping cart, a wholesale site for shops, and a much nicer look.  I am learning to use Word Press and working with my web developer to make everything work.  Once the final testing is done on it we will go live.

To celebrate my new site I am having a BIG contest!  Watch for details.  There will be some great prizes and entering is easy.  Stay tuned for more on this big event.

Finally I gotta brag on my web development TEAM!  Anne Ashley, the graphic designer is just the best and so great to work with!  Thanks to my friend Connie in MA for putting me on to her.  She is a treasure!  And her buddy Jo Ericson, the web developer, is so talented and amazing.  If you are looking to update or develop a new web presence I strongly recommend these two incredible women.

Phew!  Now back to my apple core quilt!  Oh, and did I mention, I got the borders on last night so the top is finished????  I can't believe I actually got something done JUST FOR ME!!!!  LOL

  Till later. . . .