Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time for A Give-Away!

While the blog tour was going on 2 weeks ago I was distracted and never got to celebrate the fact that my blog reached 100,000 hits!!  Now it is over 104,000 hits so I am way over due.  To thank all of you who faithfully read and enjoy my blog. . . . I am thinking you enjoy it or you wouldn't read it. . . or maybe you just look at the pictures. . . .ok, I digress. . . .ANYWAY, I am giving away 2 free issues of Quiltmaker's Magazine 100 Blocks:

AND a copy of my December Pointsettia and Holly Table Runner Pattern to both winners.

To enter the drawing for a free magazine AND a free pattern leave a comment on this post telling me what you think of next year's free Block of the month.  Here is a picture of it, and you can read more about it on my Free BOM Page.  Click on the tab at the top of the blog to go to the Free BOM Page.  I am anxious to hear if you think it is too busy, if I should simplify the border or setting triangles, or change the color scheme.  Let me know your ideas and suggestions so I can make adjustments to the design if necessary.

Jewels in the Crown Free Block of the Month for 2011

You are all the best.  Thanks for every one of those 104,000 + hits!

Hugs!  Reeze

More Pictures of the Roses Around Bed Runner

I took some pictures of my progress with quilting the Roses Around bed runner I am working on.  Here is what the completed top looks like.

This thing is huge.  It is only 28" wide but my 6' tall husband was holding it up for me and his arms were over his head!  Yikes.  But that means it will fit nicely on the bed.
Here is a closeup of the edge-stitching I am doing on all the flowers and leaves. 

They are all machine appliqued.  Today I realized that I needed to do the quiltling in the center of the blocks before finishing the blanket stitching.  The quilt was taking some abuse while I was flopping it around on my machine and I thought I needed to get it more stable before finishing.  So of course I took it to my friend and machine quilting diva, Brenda Weien, who will work her feather magic on it for me.  Then I will finish the flowers and binding and send it off.

I also found a picture of another design I did featuring this motif.  I may do this one some time, perhaps as a stand alone pattern.  What do you think?  Too much applique?

I know you are asking yourself why a life long Tom Boy is designing such girly girl quilts.  Well, you may not know that I was a tom boy as a kid, so you are probably not asking yourself that question, so never mind.  But I sure wonder what misfired in my brain at some point in my life.  I guess since I could never wear those size 8 cute girly clothes I design girly looking quilts!  Hmmm, I don't think I was ever a size 8.  And that is another thing I like about quilts.  One size really does fit all!!!  LOL

Friday, November 26, 2010

What I am working on. . .

I am working on a quilt which will be featured in Quilter's World next year.  I have a November 30 deadline to get it done and I am making good progress.  All I have left is the quilting.  here is what one block looks like.

This quilt was inspired by a vintage embroidery design I found in an old book. It depcted an antique bridesw bowl with roses spilling out of it.  I redrew one of the roses and several of the leaves and played around with the parts until I got a composition I liked.  Then I used it to create a bed runner design for a Victorian decor.

I found an article talking about how to make a bed runner here:  How to Make a Bed Runner

According to this article, "It is the modern equivalent of the heavily quilted Bedspreads of the highly indulgent times!"  I found examples that are made of silk or tapestry, highly ornate with embroidery and embellishments.
This bed runner is much simpler and uses piping between the blocks to make a striking statement.  The fused and machine appliqued rose motifs in shades of pinks and greens really gives it a Victorian feel.  I'll post pictures of the quilting when I get it done.

Watch for the pattern coming in Quilter's World magazine next summer.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Patchwork Posse Round Robin

This week look for a border I designed for the Patchwork Posse Round Robin.  I designed a Seminole pieced border for the third border in this totally fun and totally FREE round robin.
This was a fun project to do.  I haven't done a round robin in a long time and this one was very cute.  I dug out my EQ7 to do the heavy lifting and came up with a fun design that is very easy to piece. 
Here is my border:
And here is what the border looks like added to the quilt so far.
Click Here to download this border pattern only
See below to get all the patterns for the Round Robin.

Of course I had to add my own fabrics to the design and splash it up with some bright colors in my favorite palate. If you want to play along click HERE to go to the Patchwork Posse.  Each month a new designer adds a border, alternating between tops and bottoms one month and sides the next month.  I am the side #3 designer!  LOL

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Final Installment of Tulip Tiles Block of the Month

Here is the final installment, Block 12 of the Tulip Tiles FREE Block of the Month.  This is the scalloped border and bonding.  It is really not difficult to do and adds such a great finishing touch to this quilt.

Go to the Block of the Month Page (see tab at the top) to download the instructions and the scallop template.

I so appreciate the many readers and friends who have downloaded this pattern.  Over 3,000 of you have participated in the free BOM and I am thrilled to be able to offer it to you.  If you missed any of the blocks for Tulip Tiles you can still purchase them on my website for $2.00 a block!  Total bargain.  After the first of the year, the pattern will be available as a complete pattern. 

Check out my website if you are thinking about buying EQ7 or EQ7 upgrade for a loved one (like yourself! :-) for Christmas!  You know you want it.

I am almost ready to bring out a preview of the 2011 Free BOM, so keep watching.  The first block will be available in January.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of a free issue of the Quiltmaker's Magazine 100 Blocks issue.

Please send me your mailing address and I will have your magazine in the mail to you right away.  Thanks to everyone for their great comments.

Winner 2: 
Winner 3:
Winner 4:
Winner 5:

The voting on the designs from the tour was amazing.  The clear winner was #1 Stars and Sun, but #5 came in as a serious 2nd place finisher.  Third place was #2/3 Desert Stars.  And to my suprise #4 Kaffe Stars came in fourth in the voting.

As promised I am working up the pattern for Stars and Suns and will have it ready for all who left a message.  I will post a link to the pattern when I have it ready.  Thanks again for all your wonderful comments and for being a part of this fun event.  You rock!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour is Here!

The Winner of the Free Magazine is Comment #110 --

Congratulations Jaylene!!  Send me your snail mail address and your 100 Blocks Magazine will be on its way to you.   And hang in there everyone.  I will be giving away another copy tomorrow!  Whoo Hooo!

This week is so exciting!  My block Rising Star is among the blocks featured in Volume II of Quiltmaker’s Magazine’s 100 Blocks issue.
QMMS_100blksVol2_cover_350      Rising Star
EQ7 Drawing of the Block
rising star
Actual Photo of the Rising Star Block Block #106 in the Magazine!!

I came up with the idea for this block while learning to use the Patch Draw worktable on EQ6.  I wanted to play with the circular grids and see if I could design a star block that looked different from a traditional radiating star.  Once I settled upon the design, I played with color to get the illusion of a spinning star, throwing off its colors as it spun.

Here is one of the first designs I came up with for a quilt using this block.  I alternated blocks with another block I submitted (but wasn’t published) called Winter Sun.
winter sun 3
Here is the quilt I came up with. Design 1: Stars and Suns
sample quilt 1I loved the combination of batiks and dots in the cool shades and repeated them in the chunky borders. Then I started playing around with other setting ideas in EQ7 and came up with a whole bunch of fun ideas. 
The setting idea below eliminates the alternate block and shows off the secondary design possibilities when the blocks are set in a simple 4 x 4 horizontal setting of 16 blocks.  The star border plays on the theme and pulls the colors into a frame that stops the action of the spinning stars without over powering them.  This setting is 47” x 47” square.  Wouldn’t this be fun as a mini? Design 2: Desert Stars
sample quilt 2
sample quilt 3Design 3 (above) Desert Star Mini
This next setting uses the same blocks and border, but reduces the number of blocks to 4.  It is 29” x 29”.
In each of the settings I have shown so far I have reduced the size of the block from 12” to 9”.  I liked the proportions of the block to the border better at that size.  So after playing with size and the number of blocks I had to play with color.  I used the “Random Recolor” feature in EQ7 and came up with dozens of new color combinations.  Total funnage!!

Here is one color variation I liked:  Design 4: Kaffe Stars
sample quilt4
I used Kaffe Fasset fabrics to pump up the color and simplified the borders to keep it from being too over powering.  I just loved all the dots.  I changed the background dots to a calmer fabric to punch up the brighter colors of the spinning star.
sample quilt 5
Design 5 (above): Summer Night.
In this setting I put the blocks on point and recolored again.  Partial stars make up the setting triangles and corners.  The secondary stars really take on a life of their own in the small white dotted fabric.  I love this setting.  Wouldn’t it make a great summer night quilt?

It is hard to stop playing with settings once I get started, but if you have hung in with me this long, I have a surprise for you.  Let me know which setting(s) you like best -- by leaving a comment on this post -- and you will automatically be entered to win a FREE copy of the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Magazine .  One person will be chosen at random from all comments received before 11/15/2010.  Keep reading because I am giving away more stuff before this post is done!!

Surprise #2 -- the winning setting (the one with the most votes) will be patterned and available for Free to everyone who left a comment!!  I will send you a link to download the complete pattern for free.

sample quilt 6
Design 6: Dancing Blue Stars

sample quilt 7
Design 7: Jayhawk Stars

These are both on-point settings where I played with color and different setting triangles. I also reduced the number of blocks in the second of these designs.

Here is a quilt I designed just for you, my incredible friends and readers. Design 8: Stars in my Eyes
sample quilt 8
If you click HERE you will be able to download a pdf of the templates to make this 12” block and click HERE for the templates for the setting triangles.  Here is a yardage chart.  And if you want a sunnier version of this same quilt, how about this?

Design 9: Sunny Stars
sample quilt 9
 If you want a really fast method to make this quilt, use a piece of interfacing!
  1. Download the full size block outline HERE and trace it onto the interfacing or place it beneath the interfacing so you can see the lines through the interfacing. 
  2. Cut the templates out and arrange them on the interfacing with the glue side up. 
  3. When all the pieces are arranged and touching, iron them down onto the interfacing. 
  4. Add the borders, then layer with batting and backing. 
  5. Then satin-stitch or zig-zag the seams to hold all the patches in place.  Use a variegated thread to add to the composition or an invisible thread to disappear into it.  You will be stitching through all the layers so your quilt will be quilted at the same time that you join the seams and edge-stitch. 
WOW, is that fast or what?  Your finished original masterpiece will be 21” x 21” – a perfect size to hang on your wall, in your cubicle, or next to your desk to remind you of the rising stars in your life.
Cutting List:  Innermost border cut two 1” x WOF strips.  Middle border cut two 1” x WOF strips.  Outer border cut three 1.5” strips.  Binding cut three 2.25” strips.

Now.  The first four people who make this quilt and send me a picture of themselves holding it up will receive a Free Issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks along with a free Morning Glory Designs Pattern of your choice!!  Send photo to reezehanson (at) hotmail.com

Now that’s a cool Give-away!!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

And check out my ad in the front of the magazine!!!! on page 9! and the setting ideas using my block on page 16!!

And watch for an upcoming preview of next year’s FREE Block of the Month being offered on my blog.
Thanks to all of my friends and readers.  You are the best.