Free EQ Downloads

This page is for those of you who use EQ7 or EQ8 quilt designing software.  I want to share a few of my projects with you.  Nope, I have not written directions for making these quilts.  Perhaps I will have time to do that one of these days.  But in the meantime, you are welcome to download the file and make the quilts for your yourself or adapt them.  All I ask is that you do not sell them!

This is my Color Wheel Quilt.  I made it as a teaching tool for my "Trust Your Hunches" quilt color theory class.  It came out beautifully and is a great teaching tool and visual aid in my lectures and workshops.

To download this EQ6 project file click here > > EQ6 Color Wheel Quilt

After you download the file save it to your "My EQ6 > PJ6" or "My EQ7>PJ7" folder in your document folder.  You can then access the file within EQ6 or EQ7, or you can double click on the file name and it will open the program and the file together.

Here is a border design I drew a number of years ago.  A friend wanted to be able to put an undulating border of flying geese around her quilt so I came up with this design.

Here is a picture of another one of the borders in the file.  You will need EQ6 or EQ7 to open this file.  You can adjust the size of the border and the number of block repeats in your own border to make it fit your own quilt.  Hope you like it.


I was asked to design a block as part of a Breast Cancer awareness initiative.  I designed this block and then made a simple quilt setting using the block. Notice that the pink part of the block that looks like star points are really hearts.  And the center four patch depict our healthy breasts and why it is so critical to do monthly self exams. Download the EQ6 file here:

I would encourage guilds or small groups to make this quilt and donate it to a local cancer center.  I have known so many women with breast cancer, and this was my small way of showing my support to the cause of finding a cure.  You can also download pdf instructions for foundation piecing this block here:

Thanks so much for checking out my free EQ download files.  Remember:  you need EQ6 or EQ7 to open these files.  The block instructions above is a pdf file.