Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Midnight Posies Block 6

I love the beginning of each new month – it means I get to post another new block for the Midnight Posies BOM! This month’s block is called the Star Flower Block. It is based on a simple friendship star blule and purplewith an extra blue violet triangle in each corner. It reminds me of a larkspur, the July flower of the month!

You can download the PDF instructions here.

You now have the patterns for the first two complete rows of the quilt. If you want to start assembling the blocks. . . . I know, I get excited and can’t wait to see how they look together . . . here are the directions for the sashing! You will want to save these instructions for later if you wish to continue assembling the quilt as you go. I will post complete sashing and border instructions along with the last block so you won’t miss out once all the blocks are made. Hope you enjoy this next installment of our BOM.

Cutting List for Sashing
Cut (5) 2” strips of black (WOF) for sashing
Cut (5) 5 ½” strips of black (WOF) for borders
• From the sashing strips, cut eight (8) pieces that are 9 ½” long. You will use these to join
the blocks together into rows.
• Make four rows of blocks with three blocks image
in each row. Arrange the blocks as shown in
the illustration or create your own arrangement.
• From the remaining sashing strips cut three
(3) strips that are 30 ½” long. You will use
these to join the rows together.
• Press all sashing away from the blocks.


  1. I have tried 3 times to leave you a comment about your loss of your beautiful cat Wilma, but there must be some problem with Blogger this morning.
    HugsXX I know how much pets mean, we have just had a drama over our dog, but thankfully he is ok now.
    I also wanted to say how lovely this quilt is & to say thankyou for posting the blocks.

  2. thank you so much for the free BOM sampler quilt! My friend and I have chosen this project to be our weekly quilt project. We do have a questions though. We would like to make the quilt larger. How can we adjust the pattern accordingly? Thanks for any help you can give us! You can email me at


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