Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vintage Needlework Patterns – Free!

Over the years I have collected a number of beautiful needlework and embroidery designs, transfers, and patterns. I just love vintage linens and embroideries and thought I would share some of the lovely patterns I have scanned and cleaned up.rose motif small This beautiful rose motif would make a great tea towel trim or a pillow case edge. It would also make a beautiful cushion in Victorian or cottage colors. I scanned the motif from the original 24” x 36” pattern sheets and cleaned it up using Photoshop. You are welcome to download a copy for your personal use. Do not duplicate or sell these patterns.

These wonderful patterns are from a mail order collection of hand embroidery patterns published in 1933 by Needlecraft Magazine. I have 10 of the original 12 sheets with more than 350 embroidery patterns! I will post more as I get them scanned and edited. I hope you enjoy these free patterns and respect my terms of use.

daisytowel  motif This Daisy motif would be so delicate done in pretty pastel colors with lazy daisy stitches and french knots. Or it could be done in all one color like redwork or bluework.

daisy border

This delicate little border is a nice complement to the daisy motif. I can see it around the edge of a table cloth, a quilt border, or the edge of a pillow case. It would also look great on a pretty tea towel.

flower basketThis basket design is a classic embroidery design. But I just love the graceful swooping vines and the cross hatched basket. This would be so pretty on a towel, a cushion, or a pretty quilt block. The patterns for all of these embroideries are on my Flickr site.

If you like these designs please leave a comment and let me know so I will know whether to do more of these in my blog. If you use one of these patterns please send me a pictures so I can post it!! Thanks!


  1. great designs, I can see making some stamps out of them.

  2. Beautiful designs .... I downloaded two of them ... thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the vintage designs Reeze. I have a lot of the iron-on packets but don't get around to stitching them out. Would love to do some of your vintage designs on some pillows "someday".

  4. Love the designs - especially the vintage like you have posted - my favorite. I do hope you post more!
    Thanks -
    Barbara in TN

  5. Just found these recently - love the old patterns. Color choices were certainly different then, weren't they? I guess fashion and color availability had a lot to do with it. An older friend told me they did all this for entertainment as it was so inexpensive then - 10 cents for a skein of thread. The lace that seems to be part of everything was equally easy to afford.

    All of these designs appear to be lovely and flowing. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. I love all the embroidery patterns you've allowed us to downlown off you flicker account. There are not many sites giving them away for free. My husband has been out of work for quite awhile now, so I can't buy anything. I have internet due to wifi and a neighbor who keeps it open for us in the neighborhood and people like you giving away free BOMs and the like. I need You :-)

    Melody R. in SW FL


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