Friday, February 12, 2010

Swapping Dotty Stars

This week I am working on some blocks I am swapping on my online quilt forum – Sew Many Swap.  I have wanted to do this Dotty Star pattern for a long time and finally have the opportunity.  It is available for free on Here is my first block.


The blocks are huge, 18” stars and all the fabrics are dots!  I have been collecting dot fabrics for a while and I am getting to use them like crazy in this project.  I am doing two sets.  One will be all cool colors with blue, green, violet, and turquoise.  The other set will be warm colors with red, orange, pink, and yellow.  I am paper piecing them and they come out very nice. . . but sheesh. . . do they ever take time to make!

So what are you working on.  Leave a comment, I would love to hear about your current projects.



  1. Yes, my friend and I are going to be starting this quilt too. I have been collecting brightly colored dotty fabrics since the pattern first came out in the Spring 2006 issue of Quilts and More. I have my whole stash ready to go, just got to start. Looking forward to seeing your progress too.

  2. Reeze: Thanks for sharing this site. I'll be working along with you. I've saved dotty fabrics for years and am looking forward to using them and watching your progress.


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