Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heatland Quilt Network

Yesterday was a really good day!  I attended the Heartland Quilt Network Annual Meeting in Lenexa, KS and had such a good time networking with other professional designers and teachers, and meeting people from Quilt Guilds in the region (Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska).  Nancy Wakefield does a wonderful job as President of this group, and so many talented and dedicated quilters participate.  Wow, it was wonderful to connect! 

This organization is a networking group to link up speakers and guilds, quilt shops and teachers, quilt professionals and clients.  No vending takes place, it is just to share information!  I got four bookings from
quilt guilds to lecture at their meetings, and several teaching opportunities as well.

Lots of people asked what I lecture about so I thought I would put my list here in case any of you were curious.  Blogs are great networking tools as well.

EQ6 - Designing Quilts and Blocks on the Computer

The Hexagon and Beyond:  Its not just your Grandmother's Flower Garden

Color Confidence for Quilters: Or How to Trust Your Hunches

The 21st Century Quilting Bee:  Online Quilt Communities

You Said WHAT!?!? Communication for Quilters

Odd Blocks: Settings that Rock with Blocks That are Different Sizes

Here is a picture of my Booth at the Meeting.  I really didn't know what to bring since it was my first time attending, and I got lots of great ideas from other booths all over the room.

I would love to know if there are any other networks like this in the quilting community in other regions of the country or even in other countries.  It is such an incredible resource.   Here are some pictures of some of the other booths at the meeting.

Deanna of Rose Cottage Quilts

Barb Eikmeier "A is for Applique"

Libby Wallis and Petunia (in the hat)

Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction & The Vintage Workshop

MeadowLyon Designs

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  1. These quilts are gorgeous!The new pattern is great.Thanks so much.


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