Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tulip Tiles Block of the Month Block 7

Finally had time to get to the computer and get BOM Block 7 directions posted.  Yippeee.  Sorry they are a few days late.  I was catching up housekeeping chores I had neglected for too long. 

This month the BOM corner triangles for the on-point setting are posted, and they are cute, cute, cute.  You will be making 4 of these sweeties and the directions are posted HERE.  These sweet little white on blue tulips remind me so much of the fabulous delft decorative pieces that I so love to collect.  I should take some pictures of my kitchen so you know can see my collection!  I love all things blue and white.

The first two pictures are in my china cabinet.  I have a lot of pieces of the windmill tea pots and sugar bowl sets.  The small pieces of white ironstone are a favorite as well.  The photo on the left with the blue willow teapots (the one in front was my Mother's) are special favorites.

I love cannisters, especially old blue and white ones, but the picture below shows a few green and white paste porcelain cannisters I have collected over the year.  I have a teapot to match the Sugar and Tea cannisters, but ran out of room on the shelf to display it!

The picture below is over my back sliding door in my dining room.  I saw a similar shelf in a home decorating catalog a few years back and asked my husband to build one for me.   I line it with my collection of little blue and white pitchers.

The little dutch houses are on my windowsill in the kitchen.

The cannisters are on my countertop next to my stove in the kitchen.  I did the tile work myself a number of years ago to go with the blue and white theme.  I did great until the dog chewed the cord off the tile saw!

The last picture below is right over my range top.  I found the blue and white large tile in an antique shop and wanted to put it right where I could see it when I cooked.  LOL

Ok, well that is probably more blue and white stuff than you can stand, but I guess now you know why I love the color scheme of this BOM so much.  And to everyone's suprise, this is the first time I have designed a dutch themed quilt!

Now for my collection of dutch themed embroidery designs and iron on transfers. . . ok, I guess I can save that for another time.  :o)

Next month we will build all the sashings for the quilt top and then we will be ready to assemble the whole beastie.  Hope you have been working hard on your blocks!  I will be goint to a retreat in July, and I plan to get my top put together then along with you, and finally. . . post some pictures of the real deal quilt for you all to see.


I'd love to know what you think! Thanks for sharing your ideas.