Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOW My Quilt is the Quilter's World Web Bonus this Month!!

Today the digital edition of the Jan/Feb Quilter's World Magazine was released.  My Frosty Carnations pattern is the featured Web Bonus.  Here is the link:
I encourage you to check it out and download the free pattern.

I know it looks difficult, but the diamond piecing is easy with the instructions provided and the applique is done with fusible web and machine blanket stitch.  Gotta love that.

Also, check out the last page of this issue of Quilter's World with the "Coming Attractions" page for the next issue.  You will see my quilt featured!!!  WOW  This is totally exciting.

Here is a picture of the Frosty Carnations quilt

Here is a quick little tutorial on how to sew those diamonds together for the background.

Cut all the pieces using the template pattern.  I used the Marti Michell acrylic template H52.  Works great because you cut off the ends of the diamonds which makes it way way way easier to piece those set-in seams.  Note that there are holes in the template at the points of the seam lines.  Mark those with a pencil so you will know where to start and stop sewing.  I know, its a pain to have to mark everything but I promise you won't regret it.  Just do it.  And make sure you mark on the wrong side of the fabric with a pencil or fabric marker.

The blocks are assembled in groups of three.  Top, left and right.  Stack them up and have them in the order you will use them.  It makes it easier to keep the fabrics and colors straight.

Sew the top piece to the left piece, stopping 1/4" from both ends.  Back stitch 2 stitches at each end to secure the thread and use a very tight small stitch.  On my bernina I set the stitch length at 2.0.

To add the right piece to the top piece, put the right patch under the top patch.  Put your needel in just where you stopped stitching the previous seam.

Stitch this seam and stop 1/4" from the end.  Back stitch 2 stitches.  Don't forget to do that.  See those notches on my presser foot in front of the needle?  Those are 1/4" from the needle and are a great guide to help you to know where to stop stitching.
Ok, now a word about pressing the seam allowances.  You want to press them in a circle.  That means the if I will always press in the same direction.  Note in the picture above the seam at the top lays to the right, the seam at the bottom of the picture lays to the left and the  pinned seam will be press toward the viewer after it is sewn.  This will create and open "swirl" at the center of the block and will help your blocks lay perfectly flat.

Ok, back to sewing.  Pin the two remaining sides together as shown. in the picture above.  You can clearly see how I stopped stitching 1/4" away from the end of the previous seam.

Now you can sew that third seam connecting the last two diamonds.  Again, remember to start and stop 1/4" from the end (you can see my dots).

Here is what the back side looks like when you press the last seam "in a circle."  See that little swirl in the middle?

Here is a close up so you can see how nice and flat that lays.  Also note how small my stitches are and how nice the block lays when you cut off those points first.  How I love those Marti Michell templates!!  (Thank Barb for the lessons!!!)
Here is how it looks from the front.  See how nice the points meet?  It really is easy to do.  You just keep adding pieced one at a time down the row. 

I do not make separate rows.  It is easier to just keep adding more pieces to the original row, one at a time.  Notice that when you are sewing the outer edges, you can stitch all the way to the end of the patch.  those are the only places that you don't stop 1/4" from the end.
I know you won't believe me but I pieced this whole background in one afternoon!  It is only a wall hanging so don't go balistic on me.  LOL

This really was a fun top to make and much easier to piece than I expected. 
OK, tomorrow I am going to show  you how to edge stitch the applique, so tune in again. Whoo hooo I feel like Alex Anderson!  hahahah


  1. Wow, congrats!! I can see why they would feature this pattern, it is beautiful!

  2. WOW! Congratulaions for being featured! That is a gorgeous quilt. Sadly, I'm not a subscriber so I can't see anything more than what you have shown us. :( The tute you gave on doing those border diamonds is wonderful though. Thank you so much for that. I'm new at quilting and have heard horror stories about those type of seams.

  3. Congratulations, Reeze. Thank you so much for the tutorial on y-seams. They give me fits. Well, if I can't avoid them. I appreciate the close-up of the swirl in the center. I have ended up with a lump there. This makes sense. I've just started a quilt that has a few y-seams so I'll have a chance to practice this soon.

  4. Beautiful wall hanging! I downloaded the pattern yesterday but those diamonds look so hard. Your directions make it sound "a little" easier and I'll have to try a couple. Congrats and love the applique!

  5. Can't wait to start sewing in this for the store sample for Quilters' Crossing! Love the tutorial you've provided. Beautiful wall hanging, and you made it look so easy at retreat.

  6. Sadly, for me, the link requires purchase of a membership

  7. Holley, send me your email at

  8. Wowee what a beauty Reeze! I'm not a QW subscriber but your tutorial makes it look easy and thanks for that part:)

  9. Lovely quilt and great tutorial. Congratulations!

  10. Not a digital subscriber or print either, when I moved I was trying to simplfy my stuff...oh well love your pattern!!

  11. The background with the diamonds turned out quite easy with your blog pictures! The first piping border--easy with the tool. Tomorrow I head to the diamond border and then to the applique! Wa- hoo!!!!! Can't want to see how it finishes out with the machine blanket stitch!


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