Saturday, January 8, 2011


 I had neglected to upload a supply list for the new BOM.  Yipes.  But I have corrected that oversight and here it is.

Click on the picture to download the supply list.  Thanks!

Size of completed quilt: 85" x 85"


  1. Don'tcha know? Doctors, hairdressers and quilters are never supposed to say oops? :)
    That said, I had two in a row yesterday. Guess I'm in good company!

  2. I was curious what the finish size was too? As for the supply list, as you see it was fun to pull from my stash :)

  3. Did my block this morning - a smidge big. My scant seam allowance & block cuts with 7/8ths played havoc! Is there a Flickr account for this BOM...I've lost track!


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