Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why I Design Quilts

I love to design quilts.  I just can't seem to stop myself.  I was challenged recently by Wayne Kollinger to think about why I design and I came up with a few ideas.

I design quilts because it is an incredible creative and intellectual exercise.

I design quilts because I see these pictures in my head and I just can't wait to get them down on paper.

I design quilts because it keeps those voices quiet. . .at least for a while!  :-)

I design quilts because I love color and shape and line. . . but especially color!

I design quilts because I can see my ideas become reality right before my eyes.

I design quilts to keep myself sane. . . ok, that doesn't always work, but don't worry, I have meds for the really bad days!  LOL

I design quilts to tell stories. . . stories about people, events, things, ideas, places, special moments
I design quilt to translate my talent into a tangible product I can market which supports me. . .well, not really, but maybe someday it will!

I desgin quilts to fill my house and my life with flowers.  I totally don't have a green thumb and these are the only kind of flowers I can keep alive!!

I design quilts because it fills my heart with joy, excitement, and contentment.

I design quilts to challenge myself, to grow as an artist, and to accomplish something that others will both admire and want to make.

I design quilts because it is a heck of a lot easier than making prom dresses for adolescent divas!!!

I design quilts because it costs less than Prozac.

I design quilts because it feeds my soul and allows me to share my gift with others.

I design quilts because it is fun.  It just gives me a big kick. It makes me smile.

I design quilts because I love to play on EQ7, come up with ideas, and then realize them in fabric and thread -- or not! 

This is a gift I have been blessed with and I thank God everyday for the vision he has given me and the friends who have supported me on this wonderful journery.

Thanks for being there in 2010.  I know we will have even more fun in 2011.


  1. I love to see your Designs and THANK You for sharing them with the quilting world. Quilting keeps me sane most days too!

  2. Reeze

    Thank you for taking up my challenge.

    This is an inspiring collection of quilt designs. I especially like the round table topper. And the leafy sawtooth stars.

    A lot of your reasons are the same as mine - it's fun, creative, challenging, addictive.

    But one of your reasons stands out for me because I don't share it. You design to make the pictures in your head real. There are no pictures or designs in my head; there is just the desire to make some.

    Welcome to 2010. I'm sure you'll have fun designing.

  3. Oops! I meant Welcome to 2011. Why does this happen to me every year?

  4. Love your reasons for designing!
    For some of us, there are no reasons NOT to design! (as long as we aren't compelled to make ALL of them!)

  5. Your reasons for designing are great,creative and fun.Thanks so much for sharing them.

    Happy New Year!!

  6. I am so glad that you love designing quilts. Your designs are sooo gorgeous! Thank you for your BOM.


  7. Love your reasons for designing quilts .... Thank you for sharing and being a part of Qayne's challenge.

    Judy B

  8. Make that ....
    Thank you for being a part of Wayne's challenge!

    Judy B

  9. I have just stumbled across your love your you sell them as patterns? I especially love the blue and white one...would love to buy it?? would I, could I???? lol

  10. Hi Raylene,

    Thanks for stumbling upon my website and commenting on my patterns. I so appreciate that.

    The quilt patterns I have available for sale are on my website. The two blue and white ones I posted are “concept” quilts which I am developing into patterns. The pattern for the table runner (first picture) will come out this year. The second quilt may not make it into pattern stage because it is one of those advanced patterns that I am not sure will sell. But I would sure love to give it a try. The third picture will be offered as a magazine pattern probably next year.

    So the answer to your questions is . . . .eventually they will be available. Now here is how you can help. Send me a note every so often asking if the pattern is ready yet. LOL Sometimes I just need a kick in the butt to get a project finished!

  11. thanks for that..will do...have put your blog in my favorites so that I can check ya out especially love challenging patterns to piece, something I can get my teeth into, so to speak...


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