Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Winner of the BOM Block 3 contest is . . . .

I am a bit late with picking a winner this month!  I confess I have been busy trying to do my taxes. . . nope I still don't have them done, preparing for a Guild presentation I gave this morning, getting patterns printed and bagged, and working on quilts with deadlines.   Oh. . .did I mention I have a day job?  Sometimes I forget that in addition to my full time job as a pattern designer and speaker I also have a full time job as a college professor and teacher.  Ok, enough excuses.

11 blocks were submitted this month, and the colors are wonderful.  I hope you go take a look at all the blocks.  They are just stunning.  JewelBOMS is really looking like a jewelry store.

Ok, the random number generator churned and clanked as I put in the entries. And it pulled out number

So I counted out number six and the winner is

Bettina Meier

and here is a picture of her awesome block:

Those are amazing fabrics and really create a stunning block.  Congratulations Bettina.  Please send me your snail mail address and favorite color and your prize pack will go in the mail this week.

Congratulations to all of the Block 3 entries.  You just blow my socks off with your talent and colors.

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  1. Thank you very Reeze much for this award I'am ver y happy. But I have to say that this prize is for my student Celia which has done these blocks. The fabrics we have elected boards. Celia does not have a Flickr account, but she was excited to see her work there. But she deserves a lot to win this award and which I will give it gladly to her.
    Thank you very much for organizing this contest and this block of the month that I love to do


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