Monday, May 2, 2011

Roses Bed Runner pattern in print!

This month another pattern appeared in print!  The June 2011 issue of Quilter's World features my Victorian Roses Bed Runner pattern.  No, I didn't make the cover this month -- that was sort of a once in a lifetime thing -- but they did do a nice job featuring and illustrating the pattern.

This is the cover of this month's (June) issue of Quilter's World magazine.  And this is my EQ7 drawing of the pattern.

Here is the illustration from the magazine of the actual quilt.  And of course, Brenda Weien's quilting is fabulous!

I really fell in love with this rose pattern when I first came up with it.  It was inspired by an old floral basket embroidery pattern I found in a collection of vintage patterns that I got from my sister.  She finds incredible stuff at garage sales!  I adapted the flowers and leaves from the basket pattern and redesigned it into the wreath and single rose motifs in the quilt.  I had a ball playing around with colors on this and even came up with several other designs for quilts using this motif.  Here is just one of them:

I know it is really "girly" but sometimes I just love that victorian look!  LOL
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  1. congratulations Reeze, it is just as beautiful as your other patterns.

  2. I got my magazine in the mail yesterday and loved your pattern. The roses are beautiful. Congrats on having another pattern in the magazine.

  3. Congratulations! Is the Rose lap quilt pattern in the magazine? If not, is it going to be available some where? I would just love to do a quilt with this pattern!Your designs are beautiful!!

  4. Waiting for my copy of Quilter's World. This is beautiful.

  5. Absolutely love the look! Way to girl!!


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