Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My New Website is LIVE!!!

It is finally ready.  My long awaited NEW and IMPROVED website is up!  I am so thrilled with all the new things it will do.  Mostly, it displays my patterns and programs in a much more accessible format.  Please go take a look.

Why, you ask??  Well, not only am I really proud of my new site, but if you go there and join my mailing list you will be hooked up for a great give away!!  3 winners will be selected from among those who sign up for my Newsletter/Mailing List.  What am I giving away?

  • winner #1 will get their choice of any pattern on my site FREE
  • winner # 2 will get a complete Block of the Month set of patterns FREE
  • winner #3 will get 2 -- count em -- two Moda Charm Packs: "Hemming House" and "Roman Holiday"
This is a fun way to see my new site, hear about all my upcoming events and patterns, and quite possibly nab some great free goodies!  Give away will close on August 15 so now is a GREAT time to wander over, look around, sign up for my newsletter (of course I never share your info with anyone!).  Since each month's newsletter will have a special coupon in it, it might be worth getting!  Whoo Hooo.


  1. Reeze thank you for the chance and congratulations on your new site.

  2. p.s I signed up for your newsletter

  3. Looking good Reeze! Of course I am signing up for your newsletters, I don't want to miss anything ;)

  4. The website looks fantastic! Signed up for the newsletter and looking forward to marvelous ideas.

  5. Great job on the site. I was there checking it out already. I just signed up for the newsletter as well.

  6. Congrats on the new website! Updates are kinda exciting, right? For both the viewers and the site owner. It's fun to explore, to try out the new features and enjoy all the new content...


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