Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vintage Sampler blocks win a Ribbon at the Fair!

Quilter Betty King has been making some of the 12" Vintage Sampler blocks (available from my newsletter) and sent me a picture of the quilt she made using 13 of the blocks.  I just LOVE her amazing quilt.  AND she won a ribbon at the fair for this quilt.  Beautiful job Betty.

How I love to see what peope do with these blocks.  Do you have a quilt you have made from any of these blocks so far?  Send it in and I will feature your quilt of top on my next post.

Today I am working on a wedding veil for my daughter-in-law to-be.   I held my breath and cut the curve in the bottom of the bridal illusion tulle and then measured the length for her cathedral length veil.  I based all the lace on and then gathered the top.  I need to get some ribbon to sew the gathered top to, then I will sew it to the hair clip.  Once she tries it on and I am sure the length is right I will sew down all the lace by hand and trim the tulle around the bottom of the lace.  I'll post a picture when I have it ready.  It really will be pretty.


  1. The quilt is just lovely! You are very braveto make a veil. Can't wait to see!


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