Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vintage Sampler BOM Complete this Month

It has been nearly 2 years of working on this applique quilt and I am so ready to get it assembled and on to the quilter.  My blocks are done and I am doing a bit of embellishing and will assemble the complete top in the next few weeks.

I just marvel at the productivity of several of my blog and newsletter readers who have been making some amazing renditions of this quilt.  Check out these quilt by Betty King:

 This fabulous quilt is made using the 16" blocks which were available for free to my newsletter subscribers.  I love your colorful frames around the block and simple setting triangles to finish it off.

 What a great way to use 15 of the blocks.  Notice she made 2 different versions of the basket block  and set them on point across the top as a pillow fold.  Very creative, and some great quilting too!

 This is Betty's most recent quilt suing some of the last series of blocks.  She sure love those green borders!  But what a fun way to showcase just 9 blocks in a great lap quilt.

 This adorable on-point setting using the 12" blocks from the newsletter.  They are just adorable and the cross-hatch quilting really is nice with the motion of the blocks.

Those 16" wreath blocks just really pop in this setting.  Notice how she used different color backgrounds in the blocks.  So creative and beautiful.  So far Betty has 5 completed quilts from this BOM!!  That has got to be a record,  and I bet she has more coming since she made all 42 of the blocks in all 3 sizes for a total of 126 blocks + several duplicates that appear here and there.  And she wan't afraid to play with different colors than the ones I selected, and I just love her choices.  Way to go Betty!!

I am done with the top for my version of Flower Dance which was featured as a Block of the Month and my local quilt shop.  I am pleased with the final quilt but it turned out HUGE.  They have kits available for this quilt (all batiks!) if you want to make this quilt.  It includes all the fabric for these 16" blocks plus all the sashing and border fabric, and the binding fabric for a 101" x 101" quilt!  You can contact Quilting Bits & Pieces in Eudora, KS at 785-542-2080 or

OK, here is the latest kitty update.  Those dratted cats are just about as crazy as a siamese can be, and they are pretty much working on all 9 of their lives!

Happy Quilting!


  1. They are all delightful!! And those sweet! Bet they are alot of help in the sewing room!

  2. Beautiful quilts and great kitty photos. Cute overload!

  3. Awesome quilts and adorable kitties!


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