Sunday, August 23, 2015

Botanical Beauty

Occasionally I receive a commission for a special quilt project and this month Becky at Patchwork Posse commissioned a quilt for her club and Facebook group.  I was thrilled to take up the pencil (or in my case, the computer) and come up with something special for her.

Since I am in the art nouveau mood with my 2015 Block of the Month, I took several of my favorite bonus block patterns and put them together into a throw quilt I thought her subscribers might like.  I call the designs Botanical Beauty and and did two different versions.  Yea, I can't do just one.

 Blue Bell Block

Trillium Block

Using these two blocks and the border block from my Deco Gardens BOM I came up with this:

I loved the way the blocks swirled around the middle making a secondary pattern of leaves in the middle.  Just to be goofy, I offered a second version with a lime green background, just for fun.

I should not have been surprised when she picked this one as the one to offer to her subscribers.  She preferred the lighter background.  Isn't it amazing what a small (or large?) difference a background color can make?

Want the pattern?  Join Becky's Posse and it will be yours for free!


  1. What beauties! I especially like the borders you've designed - so original and different. Can't decide which version I like best. Oh, to have the time to make all the gorgeous patterns you design!

  2. OMG - stop designing such gorgeous pieces! I can't keep up! I want them ALL!! These are both just delightful. I love them both. I especially love the B/W stripe in the green background version. Great job Reeze!

    1. These are so lovely and I, too, love the B/W stripe contrast in the green one!!! xoxoxoxo Bobbi

  3. These are beautiful. I love the one with the black background. Inspiring to see how you took just 2 blocks from the BOM series and made them with 2 different color ways. I too love the B/W stripe contrast in the green quilt. Looks like fun.

  4. Such beautiful blocks! And those quilt layouts are so pretty. Thanks for sharing the pattern, Reeze.


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