Sunday, February 26, 2017

March BOM blocks and New Deco Garden Blocks

This was a busy week!

First, my week began with my cat running off when a neighbor's dog attacked my dog Max -- IN MY YARD!  I know, some nerve, eh?  Max recovered with a few bites to his neck which healed quickly.

 But Buster, my long-haired Siamese got freaked and ran off.  He came home 2 days later, like nothing ever happened.  I was so worried, thinking that dog would have turned Buster into a light snack.

So now Buster is grounded for a month and not allowed outside.  He is none too pleased with this turn of events.  He is a pretty independent cat, and I worry that dog could be back!

Along with all the critter drama, I have been shipping patterns and writing more patterns, working on my 2017 BOM and trying to overcome 2 weeks with bronchitis!  I am drained!

But here is the good news.  Two new deco blocks are available.  #48 is Rosey Posey and #49 is Cyclamen.  I am so close to having 50 of these done, which was my initial goal.  Now I am not sure if I should keep going or just say enough!

They are available for sale on my website:

This week I also released another free block:  The crossing block for the Fair Isles BOM.  You can pick up this block for free on the 2017 BOM Tab on my Blog.  You can also still get the February block for free for a few more days.

The Crossing Block is used between each of the monthly blocks.  There are 13 of these in the setting I am showing on my BOM page.

This block will be available for free for a few months so everyone who wants to do this setting will have access to this block.  Remember, these blocks are all paper pieced this year.

I am almost ready to post the March Fair Isles blocks also.  If you are a subscriber you will get links to both of these blocks in my newsletter that comes out March 1.

Here is Block 3: Breath of Spring

And here is the Bonus Block for March (available only to subscribers)

Bonus Block 3

I couldn't decide which way I liked it better.  I drew it with the white background and the dark blue corner leaves.  But the reverse is kinda growing on me.  Which way do you like best?


  1. Beautiful Blocks. It will be a BOM so cute. I like the block white bakcground. Although it is difficult to make a decision.

  2. Thank you so much, Reeze, for making the time and effort in the middle of all your other obligations and illness! I am loving this new BOM and the bonus blocks will add so much to the quilt when it's done. I prefer the clean lines of the white background for the bonus. The blue background is beautiful, but softer.

  3. Have you sent out the March newsletter yet? I haven't received mine.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Many thanx <3

  5. These sheds are likewise accessible in various hues, for example, forest dark, paperbark, house green exemplary cream and so on according to the client's decisions.

  6. hi, thank you so much for the beautiful block and quilt designs. I found that the link to block 3 took me to the bonus block. Am I missing something?

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I look forward to these every month!

    1. Oh - and I'm so glad your fur babies are home safely!


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