Sunday, June 18, 2017

I Found the Tweezers!

Under most conditions this would not be an event to celebrate.  However, I needed these for my students at the Curved Piecing Without Pins class I was teaching this past weekend at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.  And I thought I had packed them, but when I arrived at class they were not there.

I looked EVERYWHERE.  I spent 2 days looking for these dratted tweezers.   You need them to hold onto the ends of the curved pieces while they go under the needle.  Really makes it easy to get your ends to match!  And I didn't have them for my class on Friday morning and have been kicking myself ever since.

Today (after a well-deserved late rising) I went downstairs to my studio, and there they were, big as day, sitting on the bookshelf next to my cutting table.  That was the one place  I had not looked on Friday night and again Saturday morning when I was running around frantically looking at them to take back to have in my booth on Saturday.

Well, I promised my students they could get there tweezers and now they can.

Click here to go to my website and order a pair, and I will honor the student price of $5.00 for the next few days.  The regular price of $6.50 will return after next week when I get home from Reno.

The second of my super flubs of the festival was not having enough handouts for my Demo on 60 Degree Diamond Stars.  If you were at the demo and didn't get a handout, click here to download a copy.  Thanks for attending the demo.

A special thanks to my readers and subscribers who came to visit in the booth.  It is always a treat to put a face with a name and I loved hearing how you were using the patterns I have shared over the years.  It was a great show, and I hope you had a great time too.

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