Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Quilt Market in Kansas City

My booth at Quilt Market featured my Block of the Month quilts.

 It was a great market and was fun to see all the new things that will be in shops later this year. 

This is a new design coming out in June. I made the quilt and it hung in the Northcott booth.  It is called wildfire and was made to honor the survivors of the California fires last year.

Watch for more big news from Morning Glory Designs this summer. 


  1. Beautiful quilts!! I'm especially drawn to your blue and white one!! Love your booth!!!

  2. Wow... your BOMS are beautiful! I did not know until Cindy Needham mentioned your Wildfire quilt, that it was named for the Paradise Fire! I lived in Paradise for many years, fire has always been a big fear in the area.

  3. Your booth looks great, makes me want to come in and sit for a while. Your quilts are wonderful.

  4. Love the booth! Your wildfire quilt is gorgeous!

  5. so inviting, such beautiful designs, a happy place.

  6. Reese, I'm STILL most in love with Fair Isle Winter, even after spending 2 1/2 days on one sashing block. This should keep me alive for a long, long time!

    1. Hahaha, I know what you mean. I had to do two retreats to get all those sashing blocks done. It is a real commitment and I thank you for your effort and determination. I have to say I am really proud of that quilt and the amount of work it took to make it. You should be too!!! Thanks for your comment

  7. Absolutely beautiful booth and quilts! Hope to see you in Houston next quilt festival!


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