Friday, October 30, 2009

Midnight Posies – Block 10

The Teal Tulip is block number 10 in the Midnight Posies Quilt. turquoise posey It was time to add a new color to the quilt just to keep thing lively. A bright teal or aqua really adds some zing. As we begin row 4 the block become a bit more challenging, but the directions will get you through them with ease.

Download pdf file here.

I know I love having my patterns in color and I think it really makes it easier to see them and understand the various units of these more complex blocks. I hope you enjoy them too. My publisher told me that this pattern would be too expensive to print in full color, so you really are getting a treat if you are printing out these patterns. At the end of the year when I publish this pattern, there will not be near as much color!

When you make this block – all squares and half square triangles – be sure to keep your color straight! And if you would prefer to use a different color scheme in this block. . how about pink or salmon or peach?

In the center of this block where 8 seams come together, press the seam open. Use steam and get it real flat. It was lay nicely if you distribute the bulk of the center seam in both directions.

I would love to see pictures of your blocks. Everyone who sends me a picture of their block or blocks from this series will receive a chance to win a free pattern!!! Send your pics to reezehanson [at] I will select the winning submission at random on November 15 and post all the submissions. I can’t wait! Thanks!!!


  1. I have finished the 10th block and put sashing between the blocks but not between the rows yet. I will send a picture via email. I am really pleased with the outcome.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. That's a great block. I love it even more in the quilt image with the amazing applique border!


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