Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finished Nina’s BOB

Tonight I finished the blanket stitching around the border of Nina’s BOB – that is “Bag O Blocks.” I came up with the idea of swapping BOBs a few years ago after many of the people in my swapping group had an excess of blocks accumulating in bags and tubs and not much time or incentive to get them made into tops. Ok. . . I was one of those procrastinators. I had more that 50+ bags of blocks in my sewing room and wanted to get tops made. So the idea came to me in a flash. Swap bags of blocks with someone else and get a top back out of blocks that you didn’t know what to do with. I will stop short of calling it genius, he-he, but it was a darn good idea. And since that time my group has done many of these exchanges.

  • Return of BOB -- ROB
  • Son of BOB -- SOB
  • Bride of BOB -- BBOB
  • Mother of BOB -- MOB
  • BOB, Carol, Ted and Alice
  • Return of the Son of BOB

well you get the idea. So the most recent BOB we hosted was this summer. I took my time finishing this BOB since I knew I would be hand delivering it to my friend in October at a retreat we both attend. Ok, so I drug my feet a bit. . .ok, a lot. But its done.

She sent me a stack of red pinwheel blocks. I set them on point, added an applique center block, some blue and white paper pieced setting triangles, and a vine and leaf appliqué border.

Bob in progress 2

This shows the blocks up on my design wall with the center block in place and the first of the setting triangles. I wanted to change the tone of the quilt from being all red and white, to being red white and blue whimsical.

Here is a picture of the finished top once I got all the setting triangles made and inserted and the borders put on and stitched down.

Ninas bobDo you think it needs another border or is it done? Well it is going home to its Mama next weeks so I still have time to take it apart and redo it if you think it looks bad!! LOL

PS. Nina loved her BOB!!!! Yippeee


  1. Don't you dare take it apart, it is beautiful!! I can't imagine that another border would make it any better so it would only be necessary if you wanted it to be bigger.

  2. Oh Reeze, it's gorgeous!!! I can't believe how many beautiful BOB's you have gotten done. I hope the one you get back is just as beautiful!

  3. It so beautiful your idea to add the blue was genius. I bet it's owner will be just thrilled too. Debbie S.

  4. This is amazing and I just love what you did with the setting triangles! You could add another border, but I think this is perfect as is.


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