Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brrrrrr it's cold in Kansas

This is the view out of my back door on Christmas Day.

This is the INSIDE of our screened in porch.  The snow is gone from inside the porch now but not from the yard, driveway or street.  So this New Years Eve will be spent in my cozy warm house -- sewing!  (It's about 15 degrees F right now. . .yikes!)  When it turns cold like this I get a nesting instinct and wrap up in quilts and sweaters and nap in my recliner.  Ahhhhh, no sense coming out until Spring!!

My yellow lab Rockie loves opening packages, even when they are not for him.  Notice how well he can help open an envelope with outh missing a beat!  This is one package eating dog!!

So I guess I will warm up a bowl of soup, grab a trashy novel and a quilt, and commence to curling up.  Happy New Year!!!


  1. Sounds like you have a very sensible plan for how to spend New Year's Eve this year!

  2. It is -15F here now and is going down to -22F overnight. A good day to do quilting.

  3. Oh Peggy, that is just too cold to do anything except quilting. You must be somewhere up north! Stay warm and thanks for sharing a comment. Reeze

  4. Reeze, Happy birthday a little early. Birthdays are such fun. I found your blog this morning whgile reading a comment on Cyberquilters. So glad I did. In Nova Scotia this morning, it is showing 32degrees F here and it has been doing lots of snowing. All the trees in the woods around our house are laden with lots of the white stuff. It is truly a beautiful sight from inside. I'm not really a winter person, but enjoy the Christmas card look outdoors.
    My email address is If you can send me the templates for the flowers, I will appreciate that. I didn't get the block patterns for the posy quilt, but I'm sure adaptations can be made. Have a great day


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