Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Snow. . . .and sneak peak at new 2010 BOM

Its snowing again in Kansas.  But I am not complaining because it means a snow day for me!  I plan to stay home and make a class sample of a new bargello block quilt from Maggie Ball's new book Bargello Quilts with a Twist.  Its a great concept to do bargello quilts in blocks rather than in whole quilt strips.  I can't wait to make one up.  Here is the quilt I will be making:

Maggie calls this color and setting Blue Delft.  I just love it, but then I am totally in love with blue like so many others, except of course my friend and pattern tester Kathi, who is doing this quilt with me, but hers is in the colors of the sunset -- pink, orange, yellow, and teal.  I am sure it will be gorgeous.  And since she hates blue I never have to worry that we will make the same quilt in the same colors!  LOL
What is so cool about Maggie's method is that the same blocks can be rearranged to make lots of different setting.  All of them are cool:

These are the same blocks just twisted around to make the setting look different.  I had so much fun playing with this setting in EQ6.  I did lots of color variations also and I wanted to make them all!  Yea right.  I will be lucky to get this one done in time for the class.  LOL

In addition to this cool Bargello quilt I am also working on the new BOM for 2010.  Of course it has flowers in it!  Need you ask?  I love flowers in quilts and always manage to get some in to every quilt I make somehow.  I think you may like this new quilt, so I am giving you a sneak peak.

This quilt will be all about tulips!  One of my favorite spring flowers.  It was inspired by the wonderful ceramic tiles I so love, so the name is "Tulip Tiles."  I have designed and adapted a variety of tulip blocks and framed them to look like delft tiles with a great pieced border.  Since my last quilt was pieced blocks with an applique border, this quilt will be applique or embroidered block with pieced sashings and borders.  OK, I hope that is enough of a tease to get you interested.  I am working up the instructions now and will post the first block on January 18, when I take down the links to the Midnight Posies.

So stay tuned for more hints and peaks at the new 2010 BOM, Tulip Tiles.

I am also working on more Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Quilt Blocks.  5 more done in row D.  The first one on the left was a true booger!!  I ended up clipping one of the points big time, and was just too frustrated to go back and fix it.  Now that I am calmer, I think I should fix it but it is already off to the quilt shop so everyone can see my mistake!  Oh well, keeps me humble.  hehehe.  The rest were easy to do.  The Milky way star was rotary cut but the last three were all paper pieced.  I have pieces cut for the blocks for the next 3 rows and plan to sit down and sew them this weekend.

Stay warm wherever you are!


  1. Nice BOM. I'll be waiting for the first Tulip to come January 18th. My SBS is nearing completion too. I have about 111 blocks done. If I hadn't started a 30's version I'd be done already. My son is also snowed in in Missouri, right next to Kansas border. Stay Warm. I have put an extra quilt or two on my bed for the colder weather here in Washington State.

  2. Love those bargello with a twist quilts and I'll watch for your tulip blocks, too.

  3. It's cold here in Florida, too! Literally freezing.
    So far no snow, though it has been threatened.
    The Tulips will be beautiful in blue & white. I'll be looking forward to them!

  4. You have my undivided attention...Bargello with a Twist...LOVE IT! Those are going to be gorgeous!


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