Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm in the Movies Mom!!!!

Yup,  I finally figured out how to make screen capture videos of EQ7 and put them into my tutorials.  You have got to check this out.  On my tutorial page is my first "talkie" -- a video that walks you through the steps to draw a leaf in EQ7.  It is a very simple drawing exercise but introduces you to several important drawing features in EQ7":
  • Patch Draw Motif  - block drawing worktable used when you want an applique shape but no background.
  • "Oval" drawing tool
  • Brush stroke tool and its settings
  • The Adjust tool for editing your drawings
  • The Color Tab and Paintbrush tool
  • The Save to Sketchbook and Open Sketchbook shortcut buttons
  • Notecard in your sketchbook for naming your blocks
WOW, that's a lot to cram into a 4 minute video.  Plus you get to hear my sultry voice (hehehe) narrate the video.  Turn up your sound because I was a little too far from the mike.  I will fix that on my next video.

Please go in and take a look and let me know what you think?  What lessons would you like me to post?  Anything special you want to learn?  I would love to hear your comments.


  1. I was able to see a little but had to run.. this is awesome this tutorial will inspire me to finally open my EQ7 and learn a little about it..thanks so much for your time. I wish I could go to a class for EQ7 but I don`t have a portable PC to do this..your tutorials will help greatly thanks again. You have a wonderful tutorial voice too...

  2. Awesome, Reeze. Now, if only I could learn to love applique. :-) I'd like to learn to draw French braid, please. I tried, but gave up.


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