Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quiltmakers 100 Block Blog Tour Nov 8-12

And my blog will be one of the stops on the tour.  There will be great give-aways of patterns and copies of the Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Magazine!  I will have five issues to give away and other prizes as well.  You don’t want to miss this.
Check back early next week for more details.
In the mean time, let me share a few events in my life.  Wow, has October been busy.  My calendar looks like a used bingo card!  Something nearly every day.  Today I had a booth at the Melvern Craft Fair.  Melvern is a small town southwest of where I live that is about 2 blocks long – literally.  But they had a great craft fair today and I was the only quilt booth among all the other crafters.  It was fun.  And I actually sold some quilt patterns.  Plus, you gotta love this --- I got to be the judge for the childrens’ halloween costume contest.  I guess you wear a lot of hats in a small town.  And it was a hoot to see all those adorable little kids in costumes.  What fun!

Last weekend I was a vender at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, KS. . . hmmm I think I already wrote about that, but I know you want to see some quilts so here are a few of my favorites from that show.
Next weekend is another much venerated family tradition: Duck Camp.  Yup. . . the start of Duck Season means that we drag the trailer out to the lake so the guys can spend the week killing small low flying ducks.  Not sure why this particular father/son/dog experience is so important but I am not one to stand in the way of male bonding.  Besides I get to camp for the weekend on one of the few weekends in the year still warm enough to camp, the dog loves being able to dive in the lake and swim. . . and the guys do all the cooking.  What’s not to love???
After that I got on retreat for 5 days and I am sooooo looking forward to that.  So what is going on in your world?


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  1. Congratulations, Reeze! Your schedule sounds insanely busy. Enjoy Duck Camp...sounds like the perfect time for a take along project.


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