Monday, March 28, 2011

Look what wandered into my email!!!

OK, I am minding my own business, working on my taxes -- Blaaaa!  I am the world's worst bookkeeper, but that is a story for another post -- and my email "bings" to tell me I have an email.  I open it up since it is from Keepsake Quilting cuz I love love love their catalog!  And here is what I see:

Now this is remarkable because of the quilt pictured in the ad!  Yup, you guessed, that is my April Sweet Pea Table runner.  You can see the ad online here

Keepsake Quilting is selling the pattern along with a pack of 30's repro charms as a "Pattern Plus."  You can get the pattern (without the charm pack) from my website.

Psssst:  Here is a secret just for my blog readers.  Type in "Spring Sale" when you check out from my web site and get 15% off your pattern purchase.  Sale is good through tax day, April 15!

I wish they would tell me they were going to do that so I don't get so stunned when this sort of thing happens.  It was like being on the cover of Quilter's World this month.  I didn't know till I got magazine and saw it. . . .Blam!!!!  The April issue of Quilter's World is on news stands now!

So now that I have burned off that adrenaline it is back to taxes.  Oh my.  I am learning how to use Quickbooks Pro so that NEXT year at tax time, I am not going through stacks and piles and bags and boxes of paper, reciepts, bills, invoices, and used luncheon napkins to figure up my sales and expenses.  I am THIS close to bagging up the whole mess and sending it to my friend Christi in TX (who does taxes for a living) with a note that says HELP!!!  Christi. . . do you make house calls????  To Kansas??????

Oh well, back to the pile O paper.  I vow to be better organized next year and start on my taxes earlier.  OK, you heard me say it, so now you have to hold me to it!  LOL


  1. Well done Reeze - I love the bright cheerfulness of your Sweet Pea pattern!

  2. We have a Superstar now!!!
    Went out and got the magazine as soon as I heard.
    Can't wait to make the pattern up.


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