Monday, March 21, 2011

Working on Mosaic Quilt

I have really been intrigued with mosaic tiles as inspiration for quilts.  There are several great books out there that develop this theme in amazing designs.  I found an old book on antique Roman-influenced mosaics and wanted to play with several ideas.  I have discussed this before in my blog and shown a few designs I came up with.

My interpretation of this mosaic as interpreted in EQ7 is starting to come together.

These are the sashing blocks that run diagonally across the quilt.  I am using the Stonehenge fabric by Northcott to make the blocks.  They really look like stone.

These are the primary blocks that are in the middle of the quilt.  I left out the bust of Appolausis and replaced her with more primary blocks.

Then I made a few blocks to connect the sashings and border the sashings on the outside edges.

Here is a section of the quilt on the design wall with one primary block, 4 sashing blocks and four connector blocks.  It is starting to come together.

I got the top put together at retreat this past weekend.

This shows the first two borders added and the braided border applied to one side.    I put on another braided border last night and when I have the rest of the borders done I will post another picture.

While on retreat, I also put together a BOB -- Bag of Blocks.  This is a swap I invented after accumulating many many bags of blocks from swaps I had participated in.  Several of us in similar situations (many bags of blocks with out ideas about how to set them) do a BOB swap.  We exchange bags of Blocks (BOBs) and devise a setting and put the top together.  We send it back to the original block owners and they have to quilt and finish it.

I received a set of 12 black and white sampler blocks.  I wanted to add some color, and here is what the finished top looks like.

What do you think?  Several girls at the retreat thought I should pattern it.  Do you think anyone would buy the pattern?  NOTE:  I didn't design the blocks.  I only designed the setting.  If I brought it out as a pattern should I include the pattern for the blocks or as a setting for any set of 12 blocks?  Need some input on this.
Thanks. . . you always give me great advice.


  1. Are you planning to offer your mosaic design? Looks like the perfect design for my history major grandson.

  2. Hi Holley. Thanks for asking. This pattern will appear in the October 2011 issue of Quilter's World Magazine. Watch for it on my blog.

  3. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous! I can't wait to get that issue of quilters world!

  4. Boy oh boy, I LOVE your mosaic quilt. I follow your blog so will appreciate the reminder when the Oct issue of QW magazine comes out.

  5. That is an awesome setting. I think you should pattern it too. It really makes a sampler interesting when you set it in something other than a straight or on point setting. This is really beautiful.

  6. You've done an amazing job so far on this mosaic quilt. I just love the blue primary block. It's just stunningly gorgeous. That is a beautiful shade of blue.

  7. Reeze

    Make the pattern for your setting.

    If you pattern the setting, you need either to include the blocks as part of the pattern, or give explicit instructions that the blocks need to be colored black, white and grey, as in the photo. Colored blocks would result in too much confusion and clutter.

  8. Reeze, I LOVE the setting. Yes, pattern it, and include a discussion of why/not you decide to pattern the blocks. I'm often at a loss how to set blocks from an exchange!


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