Monday, October 31, 2011

BOM Sashings and Setting Triangles

It's time to put all 13 blocks together into a quilt top and this month's FREE BOM includes the directions and foundation patterns for the sashing and setting triangles.

Click on the BOM PAGE and download your free patterns.  They will only be available for free during the month of  November so be sure to print off this pattern right away.

Please post pictures of your blocks on the JEWELS BOM Flicker page.  I have a FREE Moda Charm Pack for this Month's Winner!!!  Hemming House by Brannock & Patek for Moda.

It is so inspiring to see what everyone is doing.  Your colors and fabrics are so yummy.  I just love all the different versions of the blocks, and the way you personalize the colors and patterns to make them uniquely yours!

I just got back from a quilting retreat and wanted to share a few pictures with you from the retreat.  I didn't get as many things done as I hoped.  Do we ever??  Haha 

But here is something I did complete.  It is a Blue Willow Teapot Quilt I did as a commission.  I am not all that pleased with the proportions and arrangement of elements in this quilt and plan to re-do it. 
I want to resize and move the lower text further down and increase the size of the upper text, moving it upward. The lid and handle of the teapot don't show up and I need to outline them in darker thread so they are visible.  And the birds just don't look right to me.  Maybe I need to simplify them or move them above the welcome.  Just not sure.  Any suggestions?


  1. Just tried to get the Corner Triangles Paper Piecing and when I download it there isnt anything there. (no pattern).

  2. Bertie, the links to the setting triangles should now be working fine. If you are still having trouble, go to my website and download them from there:

  3. Loved the blog report on your blocks, especially seeing import pictures into EQ and the wreathmaker took with EQ.
    Fantastic lesson

  4. I am new here...LOL...but...I think if you darken the handle, lid & spout of the teapot, move the welcome down and the birds up it would feel more balanced. I actually really like it as it is, but if I were to change it that would be how :-)


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