Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am a Guest Blogger on "Sew We Quilt"

Wasn't I suprised to get an invite to be a guest blogger on the INFAMOUS

 Sew We Quilt Blog by Madam Samm!!! 

She invited me to do an EQ7 tutorial and I decided to do one showing how I draw the blocks for my new 2012 FREE Block of the Month.

Tune in to her blog TODAY, November 21, to see my tut on drawing the Periwinkle Flower.


I also will be showing how I turn that single flower block into a WREATH using the EQ7 WreathMaker tool.


Ohh, and come back here and leave a comment and you will be entered to win a complete set of patterns for the 2012 BOM! 

Now if I was an infomercial I would say, "AND THAT'S NOT ALL. . . "

In addition to the 42 single flower blocks, all 42 crossing blocks, and all 42 wreath blocks, you get complete finishing instructions!  (Sort of makes you want to get out your Sham Wow! or Slap Chop and sing along doesn't it?)  LOL 

As always, thanks for following along.  You are the best!



  1. Congratulations!!Looks awesome.

  2. You make things look so easy. I need to take your class!

  3. Beautifull, And thank you so much to share with us, You are so generous

  4. I love your patterns... have collected all the Jewel blocks as I plan to make it soon.

  5. I saw your tutorial on Sew We Quilt. I have had various versions of eq and your tutorial has inspired me to spend some more time with it. Definitely would love to win the pattern set. Improving my applique skills is one on my goals! Thanks for the inspiration to get going!!

  6. Great pattern, Im ready for next year as I just found you. Dont have E7 but its on my wish list for sure if you can do such cool things with it! Thanks much!

  7. I just love this pattern, flowers are my thing and morning glories are one that I like.

    Theresa \o/

  8. Very interesting. I have EQ7, but I've never traced a design yet. You make it look very doable. I have some photos of flowers with which I may try it out. I love the colors you chose. I thought the blue & yellow ones were the best -- well, at least until I saw your other coloration. Now I can't decide which is best, LOL.

  9. I love your patterns... beautifullll !

  10. What a lovely design. I love the beautiful detail. I love this design. I hope to try it soon. I have some fabric that would be perfect.

  11. 21 de noviembre dia de mi cumpleaƱos lo celebro con emosion me encanta esta flor, gracias


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