Friday, November 25, 2011

Final BOM Block of 2011 posted

The final installment of the 2011 BOM is now posted.  It includes the SIX borders in the Jewels in the Crown Quilt.  I can't wait to see pictures of your finished quilts.

The winner from this month's JEWELSBOM Flicker Group is:

and her incredible quilt top put together (except for the borders!)

Look at her amazing pieced setting and corner triangles.  And I just love the colors she used in her blocks and sashing.  Becky you win a Charm Pack and a free subscription to the complete BOM for 2012!!!! (send me your snail addy so I can send you your prize!)  But your best prize is owning that incredible quilt!

Don't you think her quilt looks absolutely amazing!!!!  WOW.

A runner up winner, just cuz I love her adaptation, is
Sue F 
and here is a picture of her quilt.

Sue chose to do solid setting and corner triangles (and who can blame her!?!?)  and I think they look just great!  Sue also wins a Charm pack and a subscription to the 2012 BOM.

Thanks to Sue and Becky for playing along all year!  That is some dedication and I am grateful to you both for posting pictures of your almost completed tops.  WOW

So click on over to the JEWELS BOM page (see those tabs at the top??) and pick up your free finishing instructions for this quilt, available ONLY during the month of december.  If you haven't downloaded your free sashing and setting instructions/patterns yet please do so by November 30.  After that they will be available for purchase on my website:

Hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.

NOTE:  And no, our outdoor Christmas lights do not go up during these balmy November days.  My husband prefers to wait until the temperatures plummets, ice coats the laddar, and frigid winds begin to blow before he ventures outside for that little chore.  I can only guess it gets him in the holiday spirit more???)  :-)


  1. Beautiful quilts, ladies! Congrats! I can't believe we are at the final installment. Thanks so much for the pattern and the fun and challenging piecing all year, Reeze! I've had a great time keeping up (mostly keeping up, anyway) and love my quilt so far.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this BOM with us this year Reeze!!! I am loving it! I only have half the blocks made but I've downloaded all the patterns and making my snail-like way through them. Congratulations to all those who have finished theirs - they are wonderful!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Becky! Your quilt top is beautiful!! I LOVE your colors:)

    Debbie, and your friends here in Indiana


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