Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Pattern–Market Place Mosaic

I am so excited to be bringing out this pattern.  I have been working on this design for a long time, then just let it simmer for several months, and finally got off my fanny and got it completed.
fabric 089
I saw this fragment of a tile floor in a book called The Tile Book: Decorating with Fired Earth by Elizabeth Hilliard, page 141, and thought it would make a great quilt design. I first talked about this design back on May 12, 2010!! I designed the quilt pretty quickly, but spent a long time trying to find fabrics and colors that I liked and that felt right for this quilt. At first I wanted to use Stonehenge fabrics.  I love them and used them in my Bath of Apolausis Quilt I made last year.  But Ro Gregg’s new fabric line called Marblehead just came out in December and I loved the tones and textures that look like marble and stone.

Market Place Mosaic quilt 3

I loved the detail in the red tiles and drew the motif as an applique.  But four of those motifs in one block was just too small for a quilter, so I opted to put one large motif instead of four small ones in the center of the blocks.applique
It really stands out against the dark blue background, even better than it did against a red background.  But then you can make it any color you want it to be in your version!  Don’t you just love that?  I designed it for fusible web so it would be easy and fast to add to the mosaic block
I really love those stone and marble textures in this fabric.  And these blocks are easy enough for a beginner to make with rotary cutting instructions which are fully illustrated in color!
It is available NOW on my website for a great price, only $9.00.  And best of all it is a downloadable PDF so you can have it today!

This is a companion quilt to my Bath of Apolausis Quilt which came out last fall.  The are both available now on my website you you could take your pick of either one, or get them both!!
Final Version for QW
IMGP4493           IMGP4496
You will find the Bath of Apolausis quilt here.

Now for more good news:

I have posted the next Vintage Sampler Block on the BOM page a few days early!  Whoo Hooo.  So go get the Camellia Block while its free!
My newsletter subscribers will still get the two bonus blocks on the 15th as scheduled.  And I have posted the next two blocks on my website, so if you just can’t wait, you can purchase Block 5 and 6 (set of 3 blocks for each) at a very special discounted price for a short time.

Charlene 3
Block 4 – Camellia
Sample Block made by Pattern Tester Charlene Calhoun


  1. Your new quilt design is gorgeous!! Thanks for the new block. It's so pretty.

  2. Good day! Again I received no mailing blocks Morning Glory Designs ... I do something wrong? Explain please! Leka.

  3. Hi Reeze, I didnt get the newsletter either, wondering if it was sent... love this months, so pretty. Thanks much, Kate

  4. Bless you all. I know I am late getting out my sews letter and I apologize for that. Just know that I usually have to do my quilty work on weekends since I am a full time college professor and sometimes my student need me more than my quilting work does. The newsletter will be coming out tonight. Friday, I appreciate all of your reminders. It tells me you are looking forward to getting your blocks and that is always gratifying to know. Just remember, it's free. In order to give it away, I have to work. Thanks for being patient.

    1. I see. Thanks for the clarification. Good luck and success. Leka.

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