Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Blocks

It seems like the only way I can get any real sewing done is to go to a quilting retreat!  LOL  I can be totally focused for a few days and actually accomplish quite a lot in a short time.

My project at the retreat I attended last weekend was to get a start on my set of Vintage Sampler Blocks.  I gotta tell you, I had a blast working on these blocks, and never got near a sewing machine until I got home!  Look what I got accomplished:

I did the first four rows of blocks (there are seven rows) in three days!  Now before you get all impressed, I did raw edge fusible web (machine applique) and didn't stitch down any of the edges at the retreat.  I just traced, fused, cut, and pressed all the parts onto blocks.  Also, they are not in order, so don't panic that you didn't get any of the blocks in the top row yet.  Those are actually row 4 blocks but I didn't have room on the design wall to put them below row 3 so I stuck them up above!

I used Moda Bella solids for my blocks.  I wondered if they might prove a bit dull with just the solids, but as you can see, they came out looking pretty vivid, and that is before edge-stitching or embellishment!  Whooo hooo, I am so pleased with how they are coming together.

Once I got home, I started blanket stitching the edges down, and have a few blocks completed.  If I do a little bit each night I should be able to get them done and start on the next three rows over my spring break in March.



  1. You sure got a lot done, Reeze! Beautiful work. I really like all the bright colors.

  2. What a great incentive to get you going. I love when a project catches hold of you and you run away with it. I love your blocks so far they are gorgeous.
    My retreat is in 2 weeks!!

  3. Hello! I hope I do not get lost among your subscribers? I look forward to our mailing list!
    Photos of previous blocks, I put on Fliсkr. Leka

  4. Thanks for the list! I love this application. Thank you!
    The outline should be simple and bright. offer an option as you have on Sunday, November 21, 2010. Stitching can be done in the seam. It's simple! It will be fun! Leka


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