Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Winners! and Name that Quilt Give-Away

The month of March zoomed by so fast I didn't have time to announce the Winners of the "Post your BOM Photo on Flickr" for the Vintage Sampler.  And the blocks are real winners too.  If you want to be entered to win in the April Give-Away, please post a picture of your completed Vintage Sampler BOM block HERE.  or click on this link:

Winner #1:  Pablo_67 (Bobbi)

Winner #2: 06Leka

Please email me at reezehanson (at) with your contact information so I can get your prizes to you!!

If you would like to participate in a kitted version of this BOM using 1930's reproduction fabrics you are in luck!  Quilting Bits and Pieces in Eudora, KS is preparing to offer this BOM (the 9" blocks) as a KIT in 30's fabrics.  I saw one of the blocks made up yesterday and it was so cute!!!  Contact the shop if you would like to participate.  They ship BOM kits regularly so don't feel as though you have to live in the KC area to participate.  They ship everywhere. 

Quilting Bits & Pieces736 Main St., Box 9, Eudora KS 66025
Phone: 785-542-2080 or toll free 877-639-2080

If you would like to do a sampler quilt with 13 of the larger blocks, you are in luck too.  Quilting Bits and Pieces will also be offering a KIT for this Block of the Month.

It will be made in BATIKS.  I am working up the first two blocks now and it is going to be lovely!  If you want to enroll in this Block of the Month (I am still working on a name for it) be sure to contact the quilt shop right away.  I believe both of these BOM kits will start in May.

I am ususally pretty good at thinking up names but for some reason the "pink and purple star BOM" just doesn't seem to be good enough. 


Post an idea for a name for this quilt in the comments of this post. 
If we select your entry you will receive a FREE PATTERN of your choice from
Deadline for suggestions is Wednesday April 11, 2012.


  1. Flowers in the Round is what came to mind first.

  2. You are wonderful!
    I thought of "Circles of Flowers" Thank you for blocks.

  3. ¿Flowers´ring? It´s a wonderful sampler. Thanks.

  4. Blooming circles would be my suggestion. Lovely!

  5. How ab out Ring around a posey....Reminds me of being a kid and I always thought of flowers when we played this game.

  6. "Rounds bloom next to the stars" would be my suggestion. It is so beautiful! Happy Easter! A hug!

  7. What about "Stars in My Garden"? It is a beautiful quilt.

  8. Hi! My suggestion is Garden of stars and flowers!
    Good luck, take care, Leslie

    1. WOW, these are great suggestions!! I am tickled with all the submissions so far. I have a couple favorites already but will be giving the whole list to the gals at the quilt shop to help me make the final choice. Keep those ideas coming. You are totally creative. Thanks! Reeze

  9. I thought of Flower Dance when I saw this. It's very pretty.

  10. ""Universo floral" . Me parece buen nombre , tanto por las estrellas de éste quilt que representan al universo, cómo lo obvio de las flores .
    Precioso, precioso quilt !!

  11. Great idea of the floral circles! I propose to call "The Song of Spring".

  12. I like "floral wreath" or ribbons and stars.

  13. Reeze -- How about "Flowers & Friendship" or "Flowers in the Round" or "Seeing Stars"....

    I love the design -- I need to retire !! LOL

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. For me it's a "Flowercurl" :-)
    LG, Gudrun


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