Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just a little over the edge. . .

I think all the rain this week is getting to me.  I recently purchased this absolutely cool set of bobbin threads in a bobbin saver called a "Frosted Donut."

I just love all of the colors, all in one place, and so wonderfully arranged.  And in a clear plastic bag to allow me to gaze and fondle, but not disarrange or dirty the threads. 

I have taken it back and forth to work with me all last week and had it on my desk while I was grading papers or working on class lesson plans.  Then it came home with me and sat on my desk, near my computer, where I could look at it whenever I needed some inspiration. 

When I get upset about something I look at it and I calm down.  What is it about a little ring of 35 L-style bobbins with Masterpiece thread on them that gives me such incredible peace and satisfaction?  Am I starting to stroll down that path toward senility? Or do I just need a color fix every now and then when the weather gets gray? 

Confession -- I had to stop and fondle my bobbins at least twice while typing this post.  Is bobbin fondling a sin?  Will it make me go blind? Should I hide my bobbin fondling from my friends.  From my husband and the dog?  

I just don't seem to have any control over this compulsion.  In fact, I just ordered a second Frosted Donut from Superior Threads with another 35 colors of MassterPiece thread!  I know, its that extra-long staple Egyptian cotton!!  I have been carrying it around the house with me today.  Is that sick or what?  Should I call my therapist and tell her I am having bobbin overload?  A bobbin fetish?  Bobbin mania?  Obsessive Compulsive Bobbin Disorder?  Is there a cure?  

Please leave a comment with any advise you have for me.  Gosh I love these bobbins!  


  1. Reeze, there's NO CURE. Just roll with it. Enjoy it. Fondle to your heart's content. In a world gone mad with rules, color soothes the artist's heart. ;->

  2. everything is in order ... do not worry. Spring around the gray paint ... ... Depression ... And here are bright, cheerful colors! All OK! Moving forward in life!

  3. You are so funny! If I had gotten that beauty I would have opened it right away so I could play with each and every bobbin. Have fun, however you use them. :-)

  4. Nothing to do with senility (or 90% of quilters are suffering from it LOL), but be happy you really enjoy relatively simple things, instead of just needng diamonds, gold and cars :-)) to feel happy.
    To me it has something to do with rainbowcolors as well, I always see to be drawn to this combo of colors.
    Have a great day

  5. That bobbin spray is worthy of the wall, and has every color for any seasonal celebration. I do the same with my fan of Pantone colors, just mesmerizing. Our eyes see millions of colors, even seeing 35 neatly arrayed is just uplifting!

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  8. It is a beautiful blend of threads, Reeze! I dream them someday! So, you MUST also caress all them in my name! Hahaha!
    Continue to enjoy without guilt! A hug!

  9. Oh Reeze, you need to know there is a frosted donut II with 36 more colors. I have both and couldn't live with them. They seemed costly at the time but I just thought of the cost of 72 spools of thread. Do you know you can get replacements in pkgs of 1o0 based on color. I have used almost all of two of my favorite greens. TThey are great!!!

  10. Its terminal! Just having them would make any quilters heart sing. I wouldnt want to use them. Enjoy without guilt and know there are alot of worse things you could be fondling!

  11. Organized colors of the rainbow to some, organized colors of a crayon box to me. Simpleness at it's beauty stage. no one can mess it up

    might I ask where you got it please?

  12. Some many beautiful colors! So little time! But they are a delight to work with!

  13. As Homer Simpson so clearly drools: "Mmmmmmm...doughnuts....!"
    I love this fact I have two!
    Took mine to an applique class and was delighted when the teacher showed one as a great way to bring along all the colors you probably need!
    BTW: if necessary, you can use a bobbin on the top of the machine...just put it on the thread holder like a spool.


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