Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finished Stars and Bars

I finally finished Stars and Bars quilt and it is off to the quilter where she will work her magic on it.  It was a challenge to make design decisions along the way on this one, but I am pleased with the results.  Here is a little sneak peek.  It will be going off to Fons and Porter the end of the week.  Hopefully they will like it enough to publish it!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

 Actually the quilt is really different from this table runner version.  But I can't give it all away, can I? Just have to wait to see the final version if it is published. As a good friend and incredible designer once told me, "free is not a good business model."

Speaking of free, the new BOM for July 15 is posted.  It is one of my favorite blocks and I think you will have fun working on this one.  Here is a picture to tempt you.  Go to my BOM page (see the tabs at the top of this page) to download your free copy.  Remember it is only available for one month then you can purchase the block from my website.

Now I finally have a bit of time between deadlines to work on my son's wedding quilt.  I must be insane because I am going to make him a Judy Neimeyer pattern called Misty Pond.  He is a hunter and I thought the cat tails in the corners were really appropriate for him.

Judy Neimeyer's Misty Pond
I am going to try and squeeze this in between making a cathedral length veil for the bride and working on more BOM block samples.  I really need to quit my day job.



  1. Yes, you are very very busy!!! But you have to be in order to put out those wonderful patterns! ;*) Stars and Bars is just simply gorgeous!!! That is my favorite Judy Neimeyer pattern - love it!!!

  2. Good day! Again I received no mailing blocks Morning Glory Designs ... I do something wrong? Explain please! Leka.

  3. I received no mailing blocks Pink Daffodils....

  4. Your son sill love the quilt. It is beautiful. Did you send out a newsletter for the July 15th BOM. I have to tell you you do beautiful work and the helpful tips are great. Have a wonderful day. Elizabeth, Silverdale, WA

  5. Hi Reeze, I'm throwing my question in with the above peeps as I didn't receive my mid July newsletter. I also wanted to say thanks a million for the great designs and the time you put into the designs and provide for us at no charge :D We do appreciate it :D That is a very beautiful, challenging Judy Neimeyer patter you have there...good luck to you ;)


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