Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Wedding

September was quite a month!   I wish you could have all been there to see the incredibly happy event when my son Eric and his new wife Jessica got married!  What a great day!  Let me share a few pictures of those two adorable kids as they took their vows and started off on their married life.

Aren't they stinking cute?

Now, the wedding did not take place in the corn field.  That is just where they decided to stop and have some pictures taken on the way to the reception.  Did I mention these were a couple of crazy kids and their friends?

You can see lots more pictures HERE

Eric dancing with his mom.

Now the wedding was not the only thing that kept me busy in September. 
  • I also did 2 days vending at a local quilt show,
  • attended my nephew's wedding in Ohio,
  • and had my taxes audited.

Ummmm, on that last one. . . .the tax audit. . . uh. . there is no nice way to say it. . . . AACCKKKK.  i have had root canals with no anesthesia and a red hot poker in each eye that were less painful than that.  Can you say, pain in the ______!!!!!!!  I go back on November 1 for round 2 with the auditor.  Wish me luck.  If you don't hear from me after November 1 its either because I died from stress and anxiety due to ongoing tax audit rage, or I killed the auditor and am in jail.

Now, lets move on and get back to quilting, shall we?  :-)


  1. I had a state audit. Just give them all they want and you will survive.. I did

  2. Love the cornfield picture!
    Congrats to your son and new wife.


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