Monday, September 8, 2014

September! Really??

OK, I got it, September is here and I am crazy busy!  School started up and I am teaching again -- my LAST Semester -- before I retire.  It is so time!  But I am also preparing for Quilt Market in Houston in October and getting 6 new patterns (and six new quilts) ready as well.  Yipes.

New free Block of the Month for September is posted.  Hop on over to the BOM 2014 page and download your copy now.  And if you are a subscriber, the newsletter with the bonus block went out today, so be sure you check that out as well.
September Free Block of the Month

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September Bonus Block

OK, so it went out on the 8th this month and not the 1st.  I promise it was ready to go several days ago but my web maven was on vacation and I couldn't update my website till she got home so I had to sit on it a few days.  Usually I can update it myself, but it was having fits -- I mean serious fits -- after a complete update and overhaul, and I was not gonna try and screw with it and then get a scolding.  I know just enough to be dangerous.

So what are the new quilts I am bringing out at Quilt Market?  Here is a preview!
Summer Iris Picnic Quilt:

Indian Blanket: (And my quilt tester Kris Y did an AMAZING job on this quilt!)

Plus 4 more. . . . hold on, will post those later when I have more time.

Now check out this new gizmo I discovered!

2014-08-04 19.01.33

Product Review

The Easy Binding Winder

Do you struggle with binding like I do? I recently found this great new gizmo and wanted to try it out. It winds your binding onto a cylinder, which can be lifted from the winder and removed, and then inserted back in the winder when you are ready to stitch it onto your quilt.
It is called the Easy Binding Winder and my friends at Connect the sent me a prototype to try out. Several amazing things about this winder are worth noting.
1. The prototype was made with a 3-D printer!!! Can you believe it? That is just so cool!.
2. It really works! No bells or whistles, just simple mechanical action that does what it is supposed to do. No batteries, electricity or muscle needed.

Here is how it works. Clamp the Easy Binding Winder to your ironing board and prepare your binding. As you press your binding in half roll it onto the winder using the hand crank. When you are done you can unscrew the hand crank and lift the winding cylinder out of the base for storage. I am told it will come with several extra cylinders. When you are ready to sew the binding on your quilt you can set it on your sewing table and feed the binding out as you sew.
I loved how easy it was to wind my binding. This was incredibly easy to do and convenient to place by my machine when I sewed my binding on the quilt. I had a little difficulty with getting the clamp tight on my ironing board, but I think that may be resolved when the final version comes out. I liked that it could be clamped from the front or the side of the base. The handle is easy to hold, and winds smoothly, and was easy to remove from the base with just a simple hand screw. I am really looking forward to this product coming on the market.
Find out more information at And thanks to my friends Peggy and Rex at Connect the for loaning me a prototype to test for them.
Oh and don't forget to take their survey on their website for a chance to win a free Easy Binding Winder!
2014-08-04 19.02.18
2014-08-04 19.01.20


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indian blanket! Can we get it in Houston?

  2. I love the Indian blanket as well! Pattern available for purchase? Will you be in the Des Moines show in October?

  3. I am still putting the finishing touches on this pattern and then it goes to the publisher. Won't be ready until Quilt Market in October. Once it is available I will have a big announcement and give away! :-)

  4. It's just amazing too see Indian blanket! really very beautiful. I love the second one design, it's nice colors combinations is wonderful. I would definitely love to have them.


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